Ram Gopal Varma Blog #173. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Waiting for some good films from you.
Ans: Wait.

2. How do you rate Rahman as a composer?
Ans: Read my article “Rahman Times” on this blog.

3. Are you as selfish as Roark?
Ans: He is selflessly selfish and I am selfishly selfless.

4. Is it the 3D or is it the adventure which is inspiring you?
Ans: 3D is an effect. Adventure is a genre. Both are equally inspiring me.

5. How come your marriage failed whereas Ayn Rand’s succeeded?
Ans: My wife got a bad husband whereas Ayn Rand got a good husband.

6. Why don’t you make a soft core film?
Ans: In such hard days soft will not work.

7. When you reply you re either moody, dumb or intelligent.
Ans: That’s because I am asked moody, dumb and intelligent questions.

8. Hoping that you improve your day by day boring blog.
Ans: Hoping that we get saved from your day by day boring whining.

9. Are you truly emotional or just act emotional?
Ans: I am very emotional towards emotions and I act emotions towards emotional people.

10. How was it that the opening scene of Adrian Lyne’s “Lolita” managed to induce such strong emotions in the viewers mind?
Ans: The combined effect of cutting from a very wide shot of the extremely beautiful countryside landscape, to the close up of the car swaying out of control and then with he trauma filled expression of Jeremy Irons accompanied by the melancholic music of Ennio Morricone is what which creates that strong emotional effect. These are the 4 very powerful elements which are contrasting with each other thus creating that very disturbing effect and this is Adrian Lyne’s intense inner feeling which he brought out of amalgamating the location, the way the camera captures it, the music and most importantly through Jeremy Irons expression.

11. I love to learn from your learning.
Ans: You would be better off unlearning from my learning or at worst learning from my unlearning. Make no mistake about this, Ratnakar. My flops will teach you more than my hits as you will understand from them what can go wrong.

12. Anyone either intensely hates this blog or intensely loves it.
Ans: Both of them are equally good because it’s only the intensity which matters. Whether positive or negative, is purely subjective.

Both making love and fucking are equally intense. It’s having sex what one should avoid.

13. Bad movies do not exist. Bad viewers do.
Ans: I would say that it is the viewer’s sensibilities and expectations and interpretations which categorize movies into various degrees of being bad and good.

“There are no facts, only interpretations” – Nietzsche

14. You said everybody is fan of himself/herself. Aren’t you a James Cameron or a Spielberg fan?
Ans: Everybody else’s importance is as per their individual contribution to my own personal gratification. Their work I admire in direct relationship to what it is doing to me and the day their works cease to add to my life they will disappear from my mind and life but my mind and life will continue to exist and seek newer pastures.

15. Sometimes you scare us with your replies.
Ans: I don’t reply. I speak the truth and that scares you because you are scared of truth.

16. I love/hate/ignore you all the time.
Ans: Love and hate are ignorable emotions and if you make a point of ignoring, then it can’t be called ignoring.

17. How long do you think it will take to have the same technical values in Indian cinema as compared to Hollywood?
Ans: To start with technical values don’t come because of technique and equipment and budgets but they come because of the brains that use them. So to evolve and have as superior brains as they have it might take us 100 years but by then they would have gone 500 years ahead.

18. To what extent does dissection of films work?
Ans: It would work majorly because it will give rise to a very wide variety of films.

19. With regard to some criticism that “Avatar” story is too simple, one Gujarati critic Jay Vasavda wrote that the story was kept intentionally simple so that the audience can be visually mesmerized instead of getting diverted with the complexity of the story.
Ans: Brilliantly deduced.

20. As someone who propagates selfishness what do you think of parents taking immense pride in their children’s achievements?
Ans: As parents see children purely as an extension of themselves it’s actually their own achievements that they are taking pride in.

I think it’s more selfish to love one’s own children than to love oneself.

21. Did you see any buildings which fitted the imagination of Roark?

Ans: Any building I liked is Roark’s imagination and the same thing goes for you too as in whatever you liked is also Roark’s imagination. You have to understand that Roark is an Idea and each of us are the reality.

Long time back when there was a debate going on the merits and demerits of Dolby Digital v/s DTS I asked H.Sridhar, a sound engineer who recently passed away, about what produces good sound between them and he answered “Ramu, good sound is what sounds good to you”.

22. I am getting bored of Akira Kurusova but I can watch “Kshana Kshanam”.
Ans: I don’t want to watch “Kshana Kshanam” but any day I prefer watching Sridevi’s thighs in “Himmatwala” to “Citizen Kane”.

23. Great novelists did not become great directors.
Ans: Your observations are very interesting.

24. How do I pitch my story to a producer?
Ans: Roll your script into a ball and throw it on the producer’s face. If he is dumb enough to bear it he might make the film with you.

25. Does revealing a story has an effect on the movie?
Ans: It does both in positive and negative ways. This needs an elaborate explanation which I will give some other time.

26. Earlier days there used to be interesting comments on this blog giving rise to interesting discussions. Nowadays I don’t know what is going on?
Ans: You are telling me? I am loosing interest in reading comments as most of them are like barking dogs without even they themselves understanding the purpose of what their bark is about. It’s becoming a herculean task for me to sift though them for an occasional gem.

By the way Jaani I loved your Nietzsche’s and Ayn Rand’s compilations and also regarding the “proud to be an Indian” comment I am posting the sound tracks of “Rann” here and I want you to hear the particular track called “Mera Bharat Mahaan” which is in context of what you have written.