Ram Gopal Varma Blog #174. My Reactions to Reactions

1. The unreal” is more powerful than the “real”.

Ans: “Real” power is about making the “unreal” real.

2. What is success and who is successful?

Ans: Success is for others and being successful is for yourself.

3. Whenever I read your new post I feel as if I am having sex with a new girl friend.

Ans: Can’t ask for a better compliment.

4. My instincts get connected to anyone or anything that have quality irrespective of quantity… but you will remain special to me because of your fluid-dynamic attitude.

Ans: Ratnakar, I loved your usage of the term fluid-dynamic. I always believed that power in any form should be fluid in nature which will invariably make it dynamic.

5. How would Howard Roark be if he had parents?

Ans: It’s not possible for Roark to have parents for the simple reason that it’s impossible to imagine how Roark would have been as a kid.

6. Is it possible to overcome lust?

Ans: Why the fuck would you want to do that… considering the fact that Lust and God are the only two things in life that one can enjoy without getting into intellectual and emotional complexities.

7. What is your opinion on Rajpal Yadav?

Ans: Brilliant! His reaction to Mallik’s death in “Company” is one of the best expressions of acting I have ever seen.

8. I love the theme music of Jungle called “The soul of love”.

Ans: That’s the theme music of my Telugu film “Premakatha” which has been re-orchestrated to suit the mood of “Jungle”.

P.S: I will post both versions here.

9. Your “Besharam” song of “Rann” reminds me of “Niggadeesi adugu” in “Gaayam”. Why do you want to copy yourself?

Ans: I told this a million times that the only thing I do is copy both myself and others again and again and again while originals like you do nothing but get obsessive about us copiers. Incidentally I like that song very much and wanted to take it to a different audience.

10. Truth is absolute – you just have to arrive at the right evidence with the right interpretation.

Ans: Right as per whom is the question.

11. “Mera Bharat Mahaan” song reminded me of K.Balachanders “Akali Rajyam” Saapatu etu ledu.

Ans: Yes, It has been copied from there.

12. How do you manage so many projects simultaneously? “Rakta Charitra”, “Rann”, “Phoonk 2”.

Ans: At any given moment I will be thinking and doing 20 things simultaneously. That could be the reason that I make so many flops also, but that’s me. Take it or leave it.

13. Is “Kshana Kshanam” a take off from Foul Play?

Ans: Yes, that and Romancing the Stone and many more other films.

14. RGV, you are not loosing interest. You are losing interest.

Ans: I want to loooooose you.

15. The ones who worship will never become Gods.

Ans: Brilliant! … And the ones who pretend to worship become politicians.

16. Philosophy is a rich man’s time pass.

Ans: I would say that it is an intelligent man’s time pass and a foolish man’s time out.

17. I feel that you are a figment of your own imagination.

Ans: Yes, I am and I am your imagination too.

18. I don’t like “Phoonk 2” posters.

Ans: Ok Sir.

19. My girl friend says you are too much.

Ans: And I think she’s too less for thinking I am too much because too much is too less for me which could be too much for her.

20. I don’t think you really care about sex and booze that much as they could be strong detractors.

Ans: Well Mannar, I don’t think you should separate anything in your life from anything. Anything which gives you pleasure from sex to philosophy should be equally cared for.

21. Can we make an interesting film on the story of Ramayana?

Ans: I find Ramayana boring.

22. You are already spoiled and now you are spoiling others.

Ans: I don’t spoil. I try to deconstruct in the hope that they will reconstruct.

23. In “Kshana Kshanam” was the mongoose shot before Paresh Rawal meets Sridevi a set up or did it just happen to pass?

Ans: It was set up and it took nearly 19 takes for that to happen as every time the mongoose was preferring to run into the opposite direction instead of crossing the frame.

24. You are amazing sometimes like an enlightened soul and then some other times you seem like a anti-social stuck up.

Ans: That’s because you yourself could be sometimes an amazingly enlightened soul and then some other times you get stuck up in fucked up social programmings.

25. Tell me one good reason why I should visit this blog?

Ans: Tell me one good reason why I should answer stupidiots like you.

26. If there is reincarnation I would like to come back as Pamela Anderson’s finger tips.

Ans: Ahhhhh! That’s the most original thought I heard since the invention of porn.

27. I was shocked watching Kate Winslet in the “Reader”.

Ans: Both she and that movie were awesome.

28. Who is John Galt?

Ans: He is yours, mine and everybody else’s alter ego.

29. I wish you a pollution free new year.

Ans: And I wish you a pollution free new mind.