Ram Gopal Varma Blog #117. I hate Michael Jackson.

I slept late in the night and forgot to switch off the TV. As I woke up in the morning my eyes were directly in line with the TV screen on which was a banner head-line “Michael Jackson is Dead”. I thought I must be dreaming and started wondering why the hell I would be dreaming that Michael Jackson is dead. It took me a while to figure out that what I was watching is real and not a dream.

Back in the times when I was in college in Vijayawada, a friend of mine took me to a video parlour to show Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Being constantly fed on a staple diet of Telugu and Hindi songs I was startled to see the unimaginably high standards of picturisation, choreography and above all I was awe-struck by the sheer personality of Michael Jackson. I walked out of the parlour in a daze thinking that he cannot be a real person and he has to be some fantasy form who somehow has taken a human shape. Over the years I saw his various other videos all of which constantly created a higher bench mark than each. In the film industry whenever me and even my other colleagues discuss a song picturisation we invariably used to and even now fall back for inspiration or to copy from his videos.

It was not only his dancing or his singing or even his music, but the sheer power of his presence and the aura around him is what swept me away. I attended his concert in Mumbai along with Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan while I was making Daud. On stage Michael Jackson looked like some being who has come from some other world in outer space as a favour to entertain us for a little while. I never cared or thought about the scandals that surrounded him as what he has done to me and my senses far out weighed anything else he might have done and like I said, for me in my mind he was like a creation of God or whatever that thing which creates when in a very special mood as a very very special gift to mankind.

I hate Michael Jackson.

I hate him for dying and making me realize that he is finally only a human being.

I hate that he too has to breathe to live.

I hate that he too has a heart which can stop like anybody else’s.

I hate that I lived to see a scroll on CNN “Michael Jackson’s body sent to Mortuary”.

I truly truly hate Michael Jackson for becoming a grim reality from a fantastic fantasy.

I love you Michael wherever you are… and I will always love you.