Ram Gopal Varma Blog #116. My Reaction to Reactions.

1. Why the hell are you so arrogant?
And: You need a little bit of intelligence to realize the difference between arrogance and confidence.

2. Anyone can read a few books on philosophy and make a movie. Don’t be proud that you are a director. These are millions of people more talented than you.
Ans: Ok Sir. Yes Sir. All right Sir.

3. Life is full of surprises. Who can say which decision is right?
Ans: That’s exactly what I have been screaming all this time.

4. Where did your aesthetic sense go Ramu?
Ans: Higher than your eye can see.

5. My girlfriend says that the only way to shut you up is to put a cello tape on your mouth or get under the sheets with you.
Ans:Ahhhhhhh! I love her.

6. How was the sound for the footsteps scene on the stairs in Kshana Kshanam done?
Ans: Am impressed and thrilled that you noticed that. It was the idea which was unique and the process is very regular.

7. What is your idea of a beautiful woman?
Ans: Who looks beautiful to me.

8. Define a nice guy.
Ans: One who doesn’t threaten your sensibility, intelligence, your physical being and your emotional state. In simpler language, a guy who you don’t need to really bother about as nice guys don’t matter in the scheme of things.

9. I have mixed feelings on your personality.
Ans: That’s because I am a mixed person.

10. Grow up when you still have time.
Ans: Ok Pop.

11. You are corrupting us all.
Ans: “You say you believe in me. But did you find me? To find me you have to seek yourself first and the day you find yourself you will not need to seek me as I would have become a part of you”.- Friedrich Nietzsche.

12. Does truth get magnified only when the successful advocate it?
Ans: Yes, and the reason for that is because the majority either do not have the brains or don’t want to tax their brains to understand the truth, so they would take the easy way out by believing in whatever the successful say.