Ram Gopal Varma Blog #118. SORRY! SORRY! SORRY!

Sorry for what I asked of you guys through the section “Thoughts that grew me”; that is to send whatever you heard or thought, so that if it appeals to me I will put it in this section. Most of the quotes I have been deluged with are so bad that neither do I have the time nor the energy to read tham. I would rather loose a few good quotes than subjecting myself to the torture of reading so many terrible ones. Moreover I also decided that this place should be only about I, Me and Myself. So consider what I asked of you as an AAG on my blog and in future keep your quotes to yourself. If you can’t bear this megalomaniacal streak of mine as in the I, Me, Myself factor you can always get off this blog…. Bye.

My Reactions to reactions

1.Hi Ramu, How was your weekend?
Ans: I am not into “How is the weather” kind of conversations.

2. What is power?
Ans: A physical, emotional and an intellectual means to achieve your end.

3. You are intellectual, creative, successful and romantic. How come you have not been taken yet?
Ans: I have been taken and left many times.

4. Can you share your experience of how you approach your camera language?
Ans: Will soon write a piece on this.

5. My friend criticized you for shamelessly pirating video cassettes during your library days?
Ans: Oh boy! If he only knew of the other crimes I committed.

6. Why and how an atheist RGV directed a theistic movie “Govinda Govinda”?
Ans: For the same reason the really nice RGV directed a gangster movie “Satya”.

7. Your ability to come back from failure is remarkable. 
Ans: The reason for that is, I never take anything as a failure. Others see the effect and I would analyze the cause and the moment you truly understand the cause your failure will become your strength and the new found knowledge will lead you to your success.

P.S: I just want to warn you that this above formula can only prevent you from repeating your old mistakes but won’t be able to protect you from making new mistakes. That is the reason I continue to fail.

8. Don’t you think about your loved ones before taking risks?
Ans: I don’t love anyone or anything except myself and what I want to do and yes, I am supremely damn proud about that.

9. Only the intensity of the passion you have, can determine the extent of pain you can take to achieve what you want.
Ans: Fantastically said Sripal. The only thing I want to add is that if the passion is really intense enough, you won’t feel the pain.

10. Either give me a solution out of your intelligence or cast a quip but do react and don’t ignore.
Ans: Quit worrying and start thinking.

11. You movies have same kind of lighting, same kind of characters and same kind of look.
Ans: That’s because they are all made by same me.

12. Only fools are attracted to power and strength – A.Einstein.
Ans: Actually only fools hate power and strength and that is primarily because they fear them and know deep in their hearts that they are incapable of achieving them. – RGV

13. Ramu ek vyakti hai. Ram Gopal varma ek soch hai. 
Ans: Correct! Aur RGV ek con hai.

14. How can one learn to ignore other people’s opinions?
Ans: By being busy enough so as not to have time to listen.

15. You are a bastard.
Ans: Thanks.

16. To live the way you do I think you are devoid of emotions.
Ans: Yes.

17. Your eyes are far sexier than your viewpoints.
Ans: I am blushing.