Ram Gopal Varma Blog #67. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. My mother thinks that I am becoming madder and madder for reading your blog.
Ans: And my mother thinks that your mother is becoming madder and madder for thinking so.

2. How come you are not offended when people call you Ramu which is usually the name of a gardener or a dog.
Ans: Well I am mighty happy that I have reached this stage from being a dog and am managing to make the various concerned admit that by them still calling me by that name.

3. (Note: This is just one line from a long piece written by Mr.MG. Those of you with nothing to do please check it.)
Take time to read what I have written and introspect where you are heading as a filmmaker.
Ans: Dear Mr.MG just take a chill pill or better still watch Katarina’s legs in “Just Chill”.

4. What do you need to become a director?
Ans: A passion to tell a story and a fool with money to believe in it.

That is the truth in 99% of the cases but in the 1% where I figure… Ahem!… It is my passion and a passionate producer who believes in it.

Just kidding Boss. If you don’t like my joke please go visit MG. His super-serious piece on me in this blog is sure to make you laugh more than mine.

5. You look like a chimpanzee.
Ans: Oh! I didn’t know I was that good looking.

6. How much time do you spend on a script?
Ans: Around 20 minutes give or take a few minutes.

7. I hope “Rann” will tell how terrible media is.
Ans:… And I hope the media won’t tell how terrible ‘Rann’ is.

8. What are the similarities between great dictator Hitler and great director RGV?
Ans: Well he had his concentration camps and I have my theatres.

9. Does any politician ever tell the truth?
Ans: Well…. only when he calls the other politician a liar.

10. Do you believe that the best things in life are for free like sex for instance?
Ans: Of course. It is only what can lead to it which is expensive.

11. What do you live for?
Ans: Wine and women. It is just that the order changes from time to time and yes, you do need some wealth to get them.