Ram Gopal Varma Blog #68. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. Who in your opinion is the most beautiful and sexiest woman?
Ans: Whoever looks most beautiful and sexiest for the moment.

2. I think Naach and Aag were made seriously and Company and Satya were made with a happy-go-lucky attitude.
Ans: Yes.

3. Sorry to tell you but I think your blog is boring.
Ans: Go get blogged somewhere else.

4. Don’t you have anything better to do than insult your fans and readers of your blog with your inane rantings and pathetically defensive stances?
Ans: Ha Ha.

5. Your blog on your visit to Taj makes it evident that you are shaken.
Ans: Yes, shaken and stirred. Ahhhhh!

6. I was hurt that you were at Taj.
Ans: And I am hurt that you were hurt.

7. Why do you take your audience for granted?
Ans: Because they take me for granted too.

8. Do you trust anyone else other than you?
Ans: The least I trust is myself.

9. You are still God to us.
Ans: I prefer to be the devil because it is more fun.

10. Are you pure enough to say that media is corrupted?
Ans: I never said that I am not corrupted. It takes one to know one.

11. Is it possible to render my vision accurately in a movie?
Ans: Yes, but only if in the first place your vision is accurate.

12. How come you are not so funny in the TV interviews?
Ans: I don’t think I am funny. I am just brutally truthful which can sometimes come across as funny. Also the answers depend on the questions and the context.

13. You are an ugly person deep inside.
Ans: Thanks.

14. Company would have been better if instead of Raute being killed he should have become the C.M.
Ans: I think you are right, and I mean it.

15. Why are you not able to match up to your brilliant films like Satya, Company etc?
Ans: Sir, my intention in every film is to make it better than the best and I have been screaming since years and even on this blog that all my good films are by default and my bad films are by intent.

Once for all, open your ears, listen to and remember “Anyone can only make a film. How it turns out will be influenced by many factors and you will find an elaboration on this in a few articles on this blog. If you have the patience and the interest read it and try not to ask inane questions like this in the future again and again. They bore me to tears.

16. Have you ever met another Ramgopal Varma meaning another guy like you?
Ans: There’s no single Ramgopal Varma. I have multiple personalities within me and not all of them have a disorder. So I keep meeting me within myself.

17. “What you think will change what you do and more importantly what you do will change what you think” – Charlie Munger. 
Ans: “You can’t do beyond your ability and can’t think beyond your thought” – Ramgopal Varma.

18. Can you make a movie like Titanic?
Ans: Yes. But I can’t promise you that it won’t sink.

19. I loved your guts in remaking Sholay.
Ans: Guts and stupidity have a very thin line in between. If Aag worked it would have been guts and now it’s stupidity.

20. Is it books or life experiences which made you like this?
Ans: Both, as books make you understand experiences and experiences make you understand books.

21. I think you are a genius with your films and mad man with your philosophies and humour.
Ans: I thought it was the other way round.

22. What is your stand on women and sex?
Ans: Women are torture and sex is pleasure.

23. Do you think writing is a superior way to express thoughts than movies?
Ans: Yes and No. For instance I will quote a passage from Godfather where Mario Puzo describes the character Luca Brasi.

“Luca Brasi was one of the most feared men in the eastern underworld. Short, squat and massive skulled his presence sent out alarm bells of danger. His reputation for violence was awesome and his devotion to the Don was legendary. He was in himself one of the great blocks that supported the Don’s power structure. He did not fear God, he did not fear police, he did not fear society and he did not fear or love his fellow man but ushered into the Don’s presence he held himself still with respect. Luca Brasi was the only man who could make the Don feel uneasy. He was like a natural force not unlike a typhoon and not truly subject to control.”

I think no director can visually match the awe Puzo’s words managed to evoke through his description of Luca Brasi. For me Coppola’s visual version of Luca pales in comparison to Puzo’s Luca. The reason for that is because Puzo’s description fires the reader’s imagination to the extent that reality cannot match up to it.

On the other hand I will visually narrate a scene from another movie.

“The camera is on the floor and you see the naked feet of a woman up to a little above the ankle come into the frame as she got off the bed. She starts walking and the camera tracks along with her feet as her panties lying on the floor come into the frame. Her hands enter the frame and as she slips her legs in to them and starts slowly pulling the panties up the camera travels up along with the panties up with her legs and just when we think we will see her crotch the camera stops and the panties go up out of the frame. She goes out of the frame and the camera pans to a guy on the bed who says ‘I love your butt baby’.

If we analyze this scene the psychological play involved in it goes something like this. When we first see the feet our mind goes “Is she naked?” and when the panties come into the frame our mind goes “Oh fuck! She is naked” and when the camera starts going up slowly along with the panties up her thighs our mind goes “Don’t tell me that he will show” to “Oh yes, he’s going to show” and when the camera abruptly stops we will let out a expletive at the director and when she goes out of the frame and the guy says “I love your butt” we will want to kill him with jealousy.

The above emotional manipulations can be possible only with a camera and would be very difficult to capture in mere writing. So I would sum it up as, there are certain writings that the visual media cannot do justice to and vice versa.

Incidentally before you guys ask me which film is this panties scene from let me tell you that I just made it up to explain my point.