Ram Gopal Varma Blog #66. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. What is your reaction to Shobha De’s comments on your Taj visit?
Ans: Well, some people make a living out of barking.

2. I would like to have a coffee with you.
Ans: You are on the wrong blog.

3. Your Taj visit was a true judgment of error.
Ans: Ok, your honour.

4. You can’t stop being an idiot.
Ans: Ok, wise man.

5. If you live for wine and women what are movies for?
Ans: A means.

6. You had a collection of ideas. Now you don’t.
Ans: Am waiting for yours.

7. I can’t believe you can write a script in 20 minutes.
Ans: It can range from 20 minutes (Satya) to 20 years (Sarkar).

P.S. I read Godfather 20 years back.

8. What’s the difference between love and lust?
Ans: Truth.

9. How do you get away from guilt?
Ans: By blaming each and everything thing on God.

10. Comment – Dagny Taggart is a bitch.
Ans: Ahhhh! I want to be the dog.

11. Have you ever taken anything seriously?
Ans: Most of my flop films.

12. I respect you because you believe in yourself.
Ans: And I respect myself because I don’t believe in anything.

13. Don’t keep giving smart answers.
Ans: This blog is not meant for idiots.

14. Be sympathetic towards human beings.
Ans: Thanks for the gyan. And what animal are you?

15. Do something towards the crazzzzzy footage hungry media.
Ans: Ok, I will give them crazzzzzier footage.

16. I want you to give a good thought to my comments.
Ans: Your comments do not merit as they themselves have no good thoughts.

17. I always felt your forte is not story but screenplay.
Ans: There’s no such thing as story, screenplay etc. It’s about decisions made as long as you have the power to make them. Some work and some don’t.

18. Why do you need to be always busy?
Ans: At heart I am a bee.

19. I want to work with you.
Ans: I detest anyone who wants to work with anyone else. My gyan is that you should work only for yourself.

20. How do you manage to keep your personal life so private?
Ans: By making it public.

21. How do you describe yourself?
Ans: Either I am a genius pretending to be mad or a madman pretending to be a genius, and don’t waste time figuring this out as the end effect in both the cases will be the same.