Ram Gopal Varma Blog #47. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. You are a sociopath on the loose.
Ans: You can also add psychopath to that.

2. What would have Satya done if Bhau asked them to come to his house?
Ans: When I die and go up I will ask Satya and let you know.

3. People who take you words seriously should get their heads examined.
Ans: I want to kiss you.

4. You are suffering with a Antisocial Personality Disorder.
Ans: Ok doc.

5. My mother says that you are half mad.
Ans: And my mother says that your mother is full mad.

6. I find songs distracting in a movie.
Ans: If the songs feature nice legs, heaving bosoms, slim waists and voluptuous butts I many times find the story distracting.

7. Can a book change the reader?
Ans: No. But a reader can shut it.

8. Can you publish the article you have written “The ideas that killed 30 million people”?
Ans: I don’t have a copy as I wrote it 20 years ago. But I will quote a few passages from it.

The start of the article:
Although the Ideas that nourished the intellectual roots of Adolf Hitler can be traced back to many a megalomaniacal thought that poured out from a few German minds of the 19th Century not other man’s thoughts have contributed so much to the barbaric part of the Nazi mind as those of the philosopher Fredrich Nietzsche.

The essence of the article:
I quoted from Nietzsche’s “The natural history of morals”.
“The strong men, the masters regain the pure conscience of a beast. They return from a fearful succession of arson, rape, torture and murder with the same joy in their hearts and the same contentment in their souls as if they have indulged in a harmless students rag. When a man is a master by nature and violent by gesture, of what importance are treaties to him?”

My writing in the article under the above quote:
These words uttered by the most terrible man that has even existed on the face of the earth as Nietzsche described himself in his autobiography “ecce homo” had a profound impact on the shaping up of the mind of Hitler and host of lesser Nazis and in time they would justify such ruthless deeds as the breaching of the Versailles treaty, the violation of the Hague Convention, the killing of his own followers in the blood purge of June 1934 and the senseless massacre of millions in the IInd World War and the brutal torture of Jews in Auschwitz and other such concentration camps”.

The end of the article:
All things said and done no one can blame Hitler for surprising the world with his doings because he bared each and every intention of his, years before he was given the power to do them. Any reader of his autobiography “Mein Kampf” will have no doubts about that.

9. What compels you to do something that you did not believe in?
Ans: A little bit of not being sure and lots of dumbness.

10. Why don’t you shoot ur movie and watch it yourself?
Ans: Why don’t you write your comment and read it yourself?

11. If you are so selfish can you make a movie without cameraman, assist. Director, choreographer etc?
Ans: If you are so charitable why don’t you give away your pen, internet and your brain and then try to communicate?

12. Creativity should not fill your head. Give some space for humanity in your grey cells.
Ans: Pompousness should not fill your head. Give some space for creativity in your grey cells although I suspect you have none.

13. Satya and Company are highly superior films. We believe in your genius inspite of Aag.
Ans: Hello. Hello. Hello… if there is one thing I am scared of more than my haters it’s well-wishers and patronisers like you. That’s because I can so easily fall a victim to your kind of breed as you guys create a false sense of security. I beg you and plead to you and request you to chill and see my movies and read my blog if you feel like it or don’t if you don’t feel like.

I don’t need anybody to tell me how good or how bad I am. If you praise me beyond what I think of my worth is, I will think you are a fool and if you praise me below what I think my worth is also I will think you are fool. Nobody knows me beyond I, me and myself.

Oh my haters! I plead you all to come save me, a self-obsessed megalomaniacal fuck-all filmmaker from the love of my well-wishers and patronisers.

P.S: I think I have overdone this but what the hell. I was just in the mood Vaishak.