Ram Gopal Varma Blog #46. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. Can one really reach a state of moral indifference?

Ans: I did.

2. How can you have the audacity of thinking yourself as God?

Ans: If you are referring to an answer I gave in an earlier post, I said that I was playing God. In truth I think I am bigger than God.

3. Do you contradict yourself because you don’t have clarity in your thoughts?

Ans: Only because I have clarity in thoughts I contradict myself.

4. You are just one more among the thousands of ‘got more than deserved Bollywood biggies’.

Ans: Ok smallie.

5. Apart from Ayan rand what other books do you read?

Ans: Mad magazine for comedy and Nick Carter for sex.

6. What principle of Fredrich Nietzsche guides you?

Ans: The principle of quoting from as complicated a writer as him because most people don’t understand him and hence they will imagine that I understand him just because I quote him and then I can pass off as a very well-read man and an intellectual.

7. I think you are an escapist.

Ans: No. I am a fantasist.

8. Had you written the ‘Dramacomic tragedy’ just after the accident it would have been surely different.

Ans: Ok Mr.Psychiatrist.

9. There is no comedy at all in this tragedy. Your callousness is disgusting.

Ans: Ok… I will look you up in heaven on my way to hell.

10. What made you divorce?

Ans: Marriage.