Ram Gopal Varma Blog #219. My Reactions to Reactions

1. How come you are becoming very infrequent in your blogging?
Ans: Just very very tied up in RC work. The Telugu version part I is slated for release in September end and the Hindi version October end. So just running around to get ready.

2. How do you say good bye to someone with whom you have been living with.
Ans: By remembering the moments of that living.

3. Why do old people get more inclined to believe in God?
Ans: Since they are nearing death they won’t want to take a chance.

4. Before marriage you have peace of mind and after marriage you have pieces of mind.
Ans: Ha Ha Superb.

5. How does philosophy influence filmmaking?
Ans: Film is just a medium and the philosophy you believe in is what which comes through it.

6. Instead of subjecting ourselves to the long speeches of Howard Roark why don’t we just believe in God?
Ans: God has been invented for just that purpose since the inventor realized  that the world is and will be full of dumbos like you who cannot and will not want to understand Roark

7. I am like a sponge that soaks it all in.
Ans: That’s great Maria but just remember that you need a hand to squeeze out what gets soaked in.

8. Many of your answers are ridiculously same and samely ridiculous.
Ans: I realized that myself after reading Maria’s version of my R 2 R. but what to do now? A zebra can’t change it’s stripes and a snake can’t change its poison. Having said that Sex doesn’t change its nature either. So as long as you enjoy sex you can enjoy my R2R.

9. I think the film industry is filled with second handers.
Ans : Then why don’t you come, join in and make us feel like first handers in comparison to third handers like you. 

10. You are like a wild animal whose most basic instinct is to focus on just films and nothing else. I wish to be like that too.
Ans: To do that you should want to, on a 24 hours basis, have sex, fuck and make love to films.

11. Did you like the girls of Vijaywada.
Ans: Ahhhhhh! I like girls everywhere. I only dislike the men they choose to be with.

12. Did you like the book “Ayn Rand and the world she made” by Anne C.     Heller.
Ans: I loved it. It’s so objectively written and considering that it’s written about a person who is the height of objectivism, nothing can ever get more subjective than that.

13. Do you think that KAUN can be shot in one shot?
Ans: That’s pretty interesting idea. I am sure it can be, especially in this digital era.

14. When I told my uncle that you are my favorite film maker, he told me that I am mad
Ans: Yes, he is right. You are mad for bothering to tell him that.

15. If Sridevi ties Rakhi to you, what will you do then?
Ans: I will cut off my hand.

16. What is happiness and pleasure to you?
Ans: Happiness is in the thought of conquering and pleasure is in conquering.

17. What‘s the difference between being intelligent and being smart.
Ans: Being intelligent has its effects in the long run and smartness is usually short lived.

18. Do you ever miss anything?
Ans: I miss the feeling of missing.

19. Do you think there is a beginning to every end?
Ans: Yes, there is but only if you realize the value and understand the meaning of a beginning.

P.S. I am just posting two trailers of “Rakta Charitra” here with an interesting demonstration of how the choice of a soundtrack can change the emotional tone of a film.