Ram Gopal Varma Blog #218. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Why do your films have deliberately unusual camera angles?
Ans: That’s because I am a deliberately unusual person.

2. In ‘Sarkar Raj’ what was your vision behind showing the shepherd boy climbing the rock to look at the convoy?
Ans: My vision was to make you think that I had a vision in that vision.

3. Which is better between being inferior to the superior and superior to the inferior?
Ans: Best is to be superiorly inferior to the inferiorly superior and even better is to be inferior and pass it off as superior which is what superiorly evolved inferior people like me do.

4. A mind all logic is like a knife all blade. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.
Ans: Suuuuuuperrrrrbbbbb

5. The first step towards failure is when you start working towards the expectations of others.
Ans: Yyyyyyyessss Sssirrrr! That’s because your work will make you feel alive and the others expectations keep killing you.

6. Your writings have become like Petrol to me. Without them I can’t go on.
Ans: Just remember that Petrol is also the quickest way to catch fire.

7. Why did you choose Priyamani?
Ans: I was blown by her performance in her debut film “Parutha Veeran”

8. What do you mean when you say that speculation can lead to confirmation?
Ans: It means that confirmed speculation and speculative confirmation are one and the same and at the same time they are not the same because same is never the same in same speculations and same confirmations irrespective and in spite of same situations.

P.S. Morons should read the above answer at least five times before they can safely speculate on their confirmations.

9. A statement on the entrance to a graveyard: This place is full of people who thought that the world can’t do without them.
Ans: Superb

10. People take negative meaning out of even your positive actions.
Ans: That’s because the world consist of 2 breeds named Positively negative people and Negatively positive people. I belong to the second breed and the people you mentioned are of the first variety.

11. What were your thoughts on Independence Day?
Ans: I am only bothered about my Independence and as long as I am Independent I don’t mind even living in Pakistan.

12. If you were so bad at studies, how did you get a BTech seat?
Ans: My father paid donation.

13. Did you wish Sridevi on her birthday?
Ans: No I didn’t because I hate the fact that she is getting older and incidentally an article written by me on her is going to appear next Sunday on August 22nd, in the Sakshi “Funday” supplement. No man ever would have praised a woman more than I praised her in that article.

14. Downfall of strong men is not due to their acts but it is due to their terrible sense of humour.
Ans: I have a terrific sense of humour and yet my acts keep making me fall down.

15. Can you say in one sentence what others can learn from your life?
Ans: You should live everyone’s life and die your own death.

16. How come only husbands complain about marriage and wives never do that.
Ans: That’s because its always the wives which are the cause for the complaints.

P.S: Sorry sorry sorry Girls… that was just a Joke. You Girls don’t complain because you have larger hearts… Happy now?

17. What is your Ideal woman?
Ans: My eternal search is for a woman who just wants to be a woman and not a wife or a mother or a sister.

18. What do you think is greater between Power and Sex?
Ans: It can be very easily tested. Put any man in a closed room with a TV and DVD player with an action film and a porn film and no prizes for guessing what he will want to see.

19. Do you always speak the truth?
Ans: Yes, except when I lie.

20. What do you think makes Girls and Guys interested or disinterested in each other?
Ans: Interests and disinterests are both interesting disinterests and disinteresting interests depending on who the interested and the disinterested parties are. The guy may be interested in a disinterested girl and the interested girl may be disinteresting to the guy thereby causing their interests to clash with their disinterests which will in turn create an interestingly disinteresting interest which might lead to a disinterestingly interesting interest.

P.S.1: For all those who will bother to analyse the above answer, let me warn you that it is actually nonsense.

P.S.2: But it is nonsense to only nonsensical people and for intelligent people it will be nonsensical intelligence which in actuality is intelligent nonsense.

P.S.3: So since intelligence and nonsense are contradicting it follows that my answer is actually highly intelligent although it is being said by a nonsensically intelligent person like me who nonsensical people like you will think is intelligently nonsensical thereby proving that intelligence and nonsense are the same for both intelligently nonsensical people and nonsensically intelligent people.