Ram Gopal Varma Blog #215. The Last Shot

I took the last shot of ‘Rakht Charitra’ yesterday. From the inception of the idea of wanting to make ‘Rakht Charitra’ till the point of me taking the last shot was an incredible journey for both my mind the way it started perceiving and understanding the research material and then also how it studied the minds of the various involved parties. So a constant analysis and thereby a due course of me being psyched up by what kind of conclusive truths I have reached in various mental states of mine resulted in a situation that by the time I reached the last shot it made me truly believe that what I shot in Cinema is real and what happened in real was Cinema.

The characters who inspired me got mixed up with the characters I created and the same goes to the incidents. Yes it’s true that my attempt was to stay close to the truth to the best of my limits and knowledge but like I said earlier, it’s truth as I know it and believe it but it’s not necessarily the absolute truth.

But what’s even more strange is that even the people involved in the actual incidents were confused when they saw some scenes as to what is true and what is not. The reason for that is because they have seen the incident in person but never from a certain other person’s point of view.

So even though they knew the truth of what is being depicted in the film, now after seeing the film they came to know with much more clarity why certain things happened and how they happened which they probably never understood in their entirety at the time those incidents actually happened.

Coming back to the last shot, never in my career I felt such an exhilaration and a strange sense of a mixture of both a release and a relief through any film I have done so far in my career. It’s not so much for the film but for the fact that I travelled all this time with each of all the various characters of ‘Rakht Charitra’ and their emotions and now I feel that with the last shot I have reached them to their destinations or atleast to their destinations as conceived and perceived by me.

More than the audience I am actually dying to see, know and feel the reactions of the real people from whom its characters are inspired from. I feel this attempt of mine will be hugely worth while if they even think, feel, realize, and learn a little something from ‘Rakta Charitra’ about themselves and more importantly about their adversaries.