Ram Gopal Varma Blog #214. My Reactions to Reactions

1. You are in no way inferior to Western minds. You should just get rid of this mental block of yours.

Ans: Thanks for your superior opinion Sir but my inferior feeling comes from a superior understanding of  how inferior we are to them thereby making me superior to inferior people like you who think who are superior to them and thereby becomes inferior to even inferior people like me.

2. Filmmakers lie when they say there are no more interesting stories for potential movie material.

Ans: We all in the Industry are waiting with bated breath for your arrival Sir.

3. In the RC working stills you look like a villain.

Ans: Well I look what I am.

4. One person I know who cannot be persuaded is you.

Ans: I can be persuaded easily both by mind and matter. A Satyendra can persuade me by opening my mind and a sexy woman can persuade me by shutting my mind.

5. Apparently you started the trend of putting only the main technician’s names in the beginning titles whereas everyone’s names used to come in the beginning titles before that.

Ans: Yes and I did that because I only wanted to put the names of people who matter to the audience. It’s not that I invented it. I just copied it from the Western films when I understood why they do that.

6. Yesterday was 63rd birthday of the Indian Flag. Hats off to its designer Pingali Venkiah.

Ans: Would you have hated the National flag if the design was any other way. I am also sure you wouldn’t have even bothered to check on Pingali Venkiah’s other creative works.

7. Did you ever have Biryani at Paradise Palace? I think it’s the best food on earth.

Ans: I find thinking and talking about food the most stupidest way of spending your time.

8. Citizen Kane seems as fresh as the day it was opened.

Ans: I find it extremely boring compared to Godfather, Jaws, Terminator-2, Inception, Adavi Ramudu and atleast 2000 other films.

9. Why do you think people fall in love at the sight of a beautiful girl?

Ans: Because they will be too apologetic and guilty about being sexually attracted so they will call it love and once the sexual desire is satisfied the love will go away as anyway love was never there in the first place.

10. What would be your last wish before your death?

Ans: That what all I believed about God not existing is true. If it were untrue and if he really does exist I will be fucked with all the tortures he would subject me to not to mention that he will deprive me of Rambha, Urvashi and Thilottama as a further punishment.

11. You have such intense expressions in your pics. Why don’t you act in a film?

Ans: I am too busy acting offscreen.

12. With your constant glorification of the West can we call your attitude as Xenocentrism?

Ans: I don’t know what Xenocentrism means but if it means veryhighintellectualism yes you can call it that.

13. On what basis do you judge a person ie on his habits or ability or attitude etc.

Ans: I judge anyone on his/ her characteristics if he/she holds my interest in some way or the other.

14. Can you please explain the pic where some rods were inserted under Surya’s shirt with his face close to the camera?

Ans: That attachment is what is known as a ‘Body Rig’.

Where the camera is attached to the actor which will give just about the most subjective movement possible with respect to the actor.


a. Your comment on us being lesser than the West is very offensive. Your reaction on not acknowledging that is dumb.

b. Osho was from India. I know of better and more constructive philosophers even half way to the West.

c. Rabindranath Tagore was from India If we are not forced to listen to Jangan at schools and movie theaters we all know how many of us patriotic Indians would have run to get a copy of the Jan-gan song from where ever we can.

d. Satyajit Ray was from India Forget West I know of 2 dozen  better Directors than him from even within India.

e. Ray abandoned a movie when the studio was not ready to work with Marlon Brando Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA

f. Ray’s vision for a friendly alien was later depicted by Spielberg in E.T. DOUBLE Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. Please……pleaseeee… Ha Ha Ha….please don’t Ha Ha Ha Ha kill me!!!

g. The intelligence of Karnatic and Ghazal music is from India Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn…! Never finished hearing a single piece of them as to wake up I had to resort to Abba or Boney M

h. What India lacks is self respect and that shows in your blogs too. True self respect comes only when you truly understand what you should respect and why.

i. Why this self piercing and western slavery I call it self analysis and western understanding. Mera Bharat Mahaans like you should work on making your Bharat Mahaan instead of living in your own idiotic dreams.

j. Unintelligent people both in West and East don’t matter. Only intelligent people matter. You said it. And intelligence comes from people and not from countries what countries do is they provide a system and a platform for intelligence to flourish which is what the West (read America) does. If
a country which was formed barely 200 years ago without any so called rich heritage, culture and tradition and even then if it can surpass civilizations formed thousands of years ago by leaps and bounds it is obviously due to a system it adapted of holding a mans self esteem and an individuals pride as the highest objective of a free society.

Great men were born all over the World. But most of them landed up in America and that’s not for Americans but its for the American system.

16. Your eyes reflect the way you perceive things. They are defiant and powerful.

Ans: On the contrary I am not at all defiant because that amounts to blocking my mind from attaining new intelligence and knowledge. Also I have a very strong desire to look very deep into the core center of everything to see what makes it tick and that’s where my intensity comes from. Intensity is nothing but how strong you feel about something.

17. My girlfriend is paying more attention to your blog.

Ans: Why don’t you put your arm around her and pay attention too.

18. Have you regretted anything in your life?

Ans: No because the moment I realized I made a mistake I just get busy in making my next mistake.

19. Who is that hot girl sitting next to Shatrughan Sinha in the pics?

Ans: Sonakshi Sinha his daughter who is debuting with Salman Khan in ‘Dabangg’

20. Why do most of Hollywood films look real and ours look fake?

Ans: That’s because mostly we fake their movies.

21. In ‘Rangeela’ your name appears along with Sridevi’s photo.

Ans: Well that was one of the biggest thrills I had. If not in real life atleast my name shared space with her photo.. Ahhhhhhhhh!