Ram Gopal Varma Blog #211. ABSOLUTE TRUTH

When people keep asking me about how much truth there will be in ‘RAKTA CHARITRA’ I keep answering them that it will be an absolutely truthful depiction of the original story but it will be only an absolute truth as in of what I believe to be the absolute truth of the story but what I myself believe to be the absolute truth is not necessarily the absolute true story. But who can vouch with absolute truth that what I am saying is not the absolute truth.

The reason why I am saying this is because I was not personally present physically at the time and place when those incidents happened, to claim it as absolute truth. Also most of the people who took part in those incidents have died or have been killed. The few remaining talked to me in extensive detail, but I can’t guarantee that they were telling me the absolute truth. Likewise I can’t guarantee you, that I am telling the absolute truth to you just by saying that they told me the absolute truth.

Also it’s impossible to find out the absolute truth behind the incidents which happened over such a long period of time.

But after hearing the various versions from the alleged killers, from closely related people of the victims, from people who were present when the orders for the killings were given, from accounts of the investigating police officers, from political leaders who were in the background supporting the said incidents and people, I have arrived conclusively at my own absolute truths and my absolute truths cannot be disputed by even the people who were involved as each of them in their own individual capacity know only a part of the whole truth and that too subjectively from their own perspective whereas I studied it objectively without being personally biased.

But having said all this I still can’t guarantee that what I am saying is the absolute truth. Also as a Director my zest is not really about showing the absolute truth. Neither “Rakta Charitra’s” objective is about putting the absolute truth out. The absolute truth is important only for the Judiciary and the Police.

My objective as a Director is to mirror the emotions, the mindsets and the extra ordinary situations created by those extreme people. But no matter how much I try, it will still be just a hazy reflection of the absolute truth and can never be the absolute truth.

Also you have to take into account the fact that when you condense a story which happened over years and years into about 4 and odd hours you have no choice but to infuse fiction into true incidents so as to just that much more effectively flow an emotion across. And you have to minus character traits from and add characteristic traits to some characters so as to make the audience understand the spirit and the soul of the characters more than trying to depict those characters in real time. But the bottomline is this that my intention of why I wanted to make “Rakta Charitra” is to depict the absolute truth and nothing but the absolute truth. But for this I made use of a lot of fiction to make the truth look absolute.

My final say is this that “Rakta Charitra” is a highly fictional absolute truth.