Ram Gopal Varma Blog #207. My Reactions to Reactions

1.  There are those who analyze everything to the thousandth detail and then there are those who die without ever analyzing anything.
Ans: And then there are those who analyze  everything and yet know nothing and also those who know that only by not analyzing anything can one know everything.

2. Including you, thousands would have appreciated the beauty of Sridevi but she would have never appreciated it herself.
Ans:  In the peak of her popularity when the press was referring to her as Ms. Thunder Thighs, Satyendra once remarked to me that Sridevi in her privacy would look at her own thighs and wonder “What the hell do they see in them?”

3. You are a big inspiration for me to work and re-work.
Ans: Just take enough care to rework your work and work while reworking

4. I fell in love with you 2 years back. Will you marry me?
Ans: Only if you have a body like Rifle, a face like Sridevi, a mind like Ayn Rand, and love all my films including Aag.

5. Behind that invincible wall of yours, is there any area of vulnerability?
Ans: Vulnerability comes from fear of loosing. Fear of loosing comes from an obsession for valuing. Obsession for Valuing comes from your own personal perception of values. And Perception of values come from a lack of core understanding and lack of core understanding comes from lack of decision making in moving on in life.  And lack of decision making comes from a fear of result. And fear of result comes from a desperation for success.  And desperation for success comes from fear of failure.  So as long as you don’t value Success you won’t fear Failure and when you don’t fear failure you will become Invincible.

Ahhhhh..!!!… Don’t you think I am brilliant..?

WARNING: Those who don’t understand the above analysis should read it multiple times and if even then they don’t understand they can consider themselves morons. The smartest of you should not even try to understand it and take it for granted that a smart guy like me would anyway say only smart things there by proving that you smart guys are even bigger morons.

6. I like to be alone when I read your blog..?
Ans: Is that because you don’t want to be caught reading it like in, you don’t want to be caught while reading porn…?

7. That’s a pretty narrow view  you expressed when you said “Bad people shape the world and good people don’t matter”.
Ans:  I would say that it’s a pretty broad view. I didn’t say “shape the world”, I said, “they create history” and this too I said it just for effect.

P.S.:  I said  this too for effect.

8. In the context of Sridevi, you said that a devotee cannot make a romantic move towards  a goddess and then you said if she was sisterly you  would not know what fantasies you would have had for half your  adult life. Isn’t that a contradiction?
Ans: Why is it a contradiction? I was having fantasies of praying to her with coconuts and agarbatties. what fantasies did you think I was having?

9. I hate mankind for I myself am one of them and I know how bad I am
Ans:  I love mankind for I myself am one of the worst among them but yet I love quite a few of them… especially the woman kind.

10. This might come as a shock to you that Nietzsche was influenced by Upanishads and Schopenhauer called them the highest human wisdom
Ans: Well I guess you needed Nietzsche and Schopenhauer to validate the Upanishads.  Anyway Great, You let your intelligent genius get soaked in the Upanishads and then you open your own blog while we lesser mortals here will wallow in Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, Mad Magazine, and good old Ramuism.

11. I can’t imagine you respecting a woman!
Ans: On the contrary there is no one who respects a woman more than me. I respect them for their sexuality, for their beauty and for their very existence. The  reason I have even an iota of respect for God or whatever creative creature which is out there is only for creating those wonderful beings called Women.

12. If you have to choose between Ayn Rand and Sridevi to spend time with who will you pick?
Ans: Definitely Sridevi because whatever I want of Ayn I already got through her books whereas I can’t ever have enough of Sri. Also with Ayn I don’t need a visual to her mind and with Sri I don’t need a mind behind the visual.

13. I think your blog contains more valuable points than any other book I have ever read.
Ans: “I say in one sentence what others say and what other do not say in whole books” – Friedrich Nietzsche (Ecce Homo)

“I say in one reaction what others don’t understand and what others cant understand in the whole of their lifetimes” – RGV (rgvzoomin.com Blog)

14. I am taking drastic steps after being influenced by your blog. I don’t know where I will end up.
Ans: Even if you end up nowhere you should have the capability in you to make that nowhere into a somewhere.

15. Don’t you think instead of breaking ones head over complex things like Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. It is better to pray to God and go to temples.
Ans: For morons like you…. YES

16. I can watch ‘Daud’ from any point when it comes on TV and yet it entertains me.
Ans: Strangely a lot of people say that.

17. Can you write a line or two about when you were a Communist?
Ans: I was a capitalist for the joy of money till I realized that I had no money and then I become a  Communist and lost whatever money I had and then I read “Fountainhead” and turned back  to capitalism because I realized how to make money.

18. Why do you feel Adrian Lyne’s version of “Lolita” is better than Kubrick’s?
Ans:  The way Adrian showed sexuality was way superior to the Kubrick’s show.

19. What is the difference between a legendary and a celebrity?
Ans: A Legendary is forever and a Celebrity is for the moment.

20. Can children below 13 watch RC?
Ans: RC is primarily meant for Adults with a mental age of 13.

21. Will Ramuism vanish along with RGV?
Ans:  Ofcourse Dumbo, Ramuism is meant only for Ramu, and as there is only one Ramu and others are too dumb to become Ramu, Ramu will forever remain the only dumbo :)