Ram Gopal Varma Blog #206. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Is commercialization the goal of civilization?
Ans: Civilization comes from Commercialization

2. Why do you think an affair is better than a marriage?
Ans: An affair is where the couple work towards each other and in a marriage they work against each other.

3. The pursuit of any worthwhile goal will always be the reward in itself.
Ans: The pursuit of any goal is worthwhile if you are not expecting a reward

4. You being a religious agnostic, why did you use a list of slokas in ‘Rakta Charitra’ trailor?
Ans: Primarily because I like the sound of them. The words are not understandable so they give a feeling of intrigue and since they are religious, the chorus singers automatically sing with awe and purity which in turn will make the violence of ‘Rakta Charitra’ seem divine and respectful.

5. Society does not go down because of the activities of Criminals, but because of the inactivities of good people – Swami Vivekananda.
Ans: Bad people create History and Good people don’t matter – RGV

Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Attila the Hun, George W Bush, Saddam Hussain etc are the guys who create events which shape the World. Along with them there are millions who toil in the sun, raise their families, pay their taxes etc but they don’t ever matter to history, even as a foot note. At best they will remain a statistical number.

6. You probably understand more about God and Religion than most people here and hence your indifference.
Ans: I am not indifferent to God. I exploit my understanding of God to my advantage. It could be ranging from using the Govinda chant in ‘Sarkar’ to use the fear of God on some people to get some evil work done.

7. Sir, when you first started watching films what aspects were you looking for?
Ans: Heroes Guns and Heroines thighs.

8. Can you write something on boredom?
Ans: Boredom is a function of a dead mind. Since my mind is hyper active 24×7. I don’t ever feel bored. All boredom comes to only those who wait for things to happen to them. Men who want to make things happen can never ever feel bored.

9. If the whole world is only in my mind and imagination, why am I not imagining everything only to my convenience?
Ans: That’s a very good question Mannar. The point you have to understand is that our whole process of feeling alive is nothing but a conflicting battle between our knowledge, our instinct, our intelligence and our moral values. All of which again exist only in our mind.

In effect in our entire lifetime our mind does nothing but play a game with itself. I will elaborate on this in an article someday.

10. You appear as if your mind does not rest. So when you are constantly thinking how can organic ideas happen?
Ans: I don’t know what you meant by an organic idea but I think I got your point. One of my biggest several problems is that I can’t stop thinking. So even after deciding on what I thought was a good Idea because I continue thinking on it the Idea sometimes mutates into a bad one.

11. Many times you sound like ‘Howard Roark’ but Roark never disappointed his clients the way you do with your movies.
Ans: Hello, Roark never built his buildings except on Ayn Rand’s paper whereas I made and released my films. If you see the concepts and descriptions of my films on paper they will all look better than Roark’s buildings. If you don’t believe you can ask any of my investors. Ha Ha Ha.

12. What is the difference between the presentation of a heroine by K. Raghavendra Rao and Ram Gopal Varma?
Ans: He is into navels and I am into butts.

13. What is your value when you value it yourself.
Ans: It is directly proportional to what value you want to attain in life.

14. You plan to make new movies, you direct movies, produce movies, write for the blog, you have ridiculous number of balls that you juggle in the air, without caring where they will land.
Ans: As long as you don’t care about losing the balls you can juggle any number of them. This is what I meant by “I live my life to the fullest”.

15. How far does it help to emotionally travel through characters in the making of a film.
Ans: That is the one and only point of making a film. It’s your emotional journey through the characters which makes you richer in everyway.

16. What does beauty mean to you?
Ans: Something which pleases my senses.

17. Did reading help you to develop your writing skills?
Ans: My development is more from understanding the impact how the reading affected me.

18. I find it upsetting when your articles come to an end because I want to read more.
Ans: Thanks for the compliment. The bad thing about good things is that they do come to an end.

19. Would Ayn Rand be proud or ashamed of your interpretations of ‘OBJECTIVISM’?
Ans: I think she will laugh…. Come to think of it I cant imagine Ayn Rand laughing.

20. What is God to you?
Ans: Anyone or anything which has the power to give or take away what I want.

21. There are no eternal truths, as there are no absolute truths – Friedrich Nietzsche
Ans: Since there are no absolute truths we have to create our own truths – RGV

22. I don’t see ‘Sridevi’ as a sex symbol. I regard her more like a sister.
Ans: You must be fucking Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

I’d rather not be a brother if she was my sister. If I were to think of her as sisterly wouldn’t know what fantasies I would have had for half my adult life. Aaaaaargh

23. Why haven’t you ever made a move towards Sridevi when she was still single?
Ans: That was the point of my article Foo. A devotee cannot make a move towards a goddess.

24. I have once stumbled upon a pic with you and her sitting next to Boney and she was smiling at you mischievously as if to say “I exactly know what’s going on in your mind”
Ans: I am blushing Foo..

25. Does she know your love and admiration for her?
Ans: No. I told her but she doesn’t believe me because she knows that I am a liar and a con man.

26. Is the reason how you saw Sridevi in candle light why you introduced Urmila in candle light in ‘Satya’?
Ans:  :)

27. I think you showed her beauty in ‘Kshana Kshanam’ much better than how Shekhar Kapur showed her in ‘Mr. India’
Ans: Ahem!! Can you please tell that to Sridevi pleaseeee

28. Believe it or not. I cried after reading your “Sri” post.
Ans: Believe it or not. I cried during the entire making of ‘Kshana Kshanam’

29. Thanks to you for capturing her beauty so beautifully in ‘Kshana Kshanam’. My eyes were glued to her.
Ans: Mine too.

30. Sorry to say this but how will you react if Sridevi dies?
Ans: I will want to die before she dies.