Ram Gopal Varma Blog #166. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Ayn Rand is ashamed of you.
Ans: Oh! ……. When did you die?

2. I want to kiss you Ramu.
Ans: I only believe in kissing and not in being kissed.

3. What is your advice to budding directors?
Ans: To understand that the onus is on you to get a film and not on someone else to give it to you.

4. What if Spielberg directed Godfather and Coppola directed JAWS?
Ans: That’s a mighty interesting thought. It’s not so much about the genre but considering their highly different world views obviously they would be highly different films but I think they would be lesser than what they are now.

5. Is it possible to engage the audience in a film without background score?
Ans: of course. The earliest example I have known of this is The Exorcist. Inspite of it being a horror film, a genre which almost depends on background score, it had very little of it. And of course there is the Blair Witch Project which had none.

6. With all your understanding can you not hate a snake which is about to bite you?
Ans: I would run from it or jump over it or kill it or in case of not being able to do any of the above I would prepare for a post-bite scenario but I would never never hate it. That’s because both love and hate are highly destructive feelings. They are like drugs which will make you feel high for the moment and then just when you are not looking throw you into a never ending abyss of complexities.

7. Ayn Rand said, “I will not die. The world will end”.
Ans: Schopenhauer said, “If you close your eyes the world will cease to exist”.

8. I wish you come out of the shell of Rand and Nietzsche and get into the shoes of Chanakya.
Ans: I wish the reverse for you.

9. Do you think prostitution is a sin/crime?
Ans: I detest prostitution because it vilifies the sacredness of sex.

10. Your Telugu horror film Deyyam looks like a B-grade Ramsay film. Have you transformed yourself from Deyyam to Bhoot?
Ans: Transformation comes partly from experience and mostly from intent. I can’t believe that the director of AVATAR could have ever made a film like “Piranha II”.

11. Every title of yours had a justification right from “SHIVA” to “Agyaat”. But why “Rangeela”?
Ans: A good point. I just wanted a title which had a happy vibrance to denote the tone of the film. Incidentally I had to buy that title from a small time producer who was planning to make it with, of all the people, Mithun Chakraborthy.

12. The Phoonk 2 background you put on the stills is a rip off from “Eyes Wide Shut”.
Ans: That’s not Phoonk 2 background. That piece from the Eyes Wide Shut scene was just posted to create an ambience for the pics. Having said that I screamed a million times that everything I do is a rip off.

13. What’s your take on the gullible masses that puts their lives at stake in mass movements called by politicians with vested interests?
Ans: My take is that in many cases the politicians are the one who are gullible and it’s the people who have vested interests.

14. Like how you were attracted to Goonda elements, are you also attracted to white collar criminals like Harshad Mehta, Satyam Raju, etc?
Ans: No, because I was always bad in Maths and because of that I don’t understand numbers (Read 1000s of Crores).

15. How do you relax?
Ans: I don’t.

16. Considering the craze people have for cricket why don’t you exploit it in a film?
Ans: If there s one thing I hate more than cricket it’s the people who love cricket and I will never do anything for the people I hate.

17. If 1200 Crores are given to us we could have made 100 AVATAR’s.
Ans: Ideas don’t come out of monies. Monies come into Ideas.

18. Your review on AVATAR is as rare as Toohey writing an honest review in Roark’s style.
Ans: That’s because AVATAR is rare.

19. A man’s respect for law and order exists in a precise relationship to the size of his pay check.
Ans: Superb.

20. Are you a nymphomaniac or a great lover of women?
Ans: Being a nymphomaniac is where an urge makes you do things but in my case I make the urge do things.

21. What is the connection between pornography and philosophy?
Ans: Life is nothing but about constantly having a desire to fill voids whether they are emotional, intellectual or physical and this truth is understood only by hard core politicians, hard core philosophers and hard core pornographers and hence all 3 of them control the connections of all our voids.

22. What do you get when you cross Godfather with a philosopher?
Ans : Sarkar.

23. With confidence you can fool others. With overconfidence you can fool yourself.
Ans: And with super confidence you can turn around the mistakes of your over confidence and become confident again.

24. You are as selfish as Peter Keating but you have the courage to mercilessly criticize yourself like Dominique and you still manage to have the objectivity of Howard Roark.
Ans: To start with Purohit, Keating was not selfish but was just scared of being a non achiever and Dominique did not ever mercilessly criticize herself because she actually never got really affected. Coming to Roark, far from being objective he is the guy who is actually both selfish and merciless and this is because he is much much more passionate than the other two.

25. Are you a womanizer?
Ans: No. I am a womantic.

26. What if your name was Rakshas Shaitan Varma?
Ans: Actually I think my soul’s name would be that. When my non-belief in God reached its peak I almost wanted to check if I somewhere had three sixes on my body.

27. Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly – Robert Kennedy.
Ans: This will be said only by those who failed greatly and still hope to achieve greatly – RGV

28. Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions – Albert Einstein.
Ans: And most of the time the film flops – RGV

29. Are you the costume designer for your heroines?
Ans: No, I am the costume remover.

30. Each and every success of yours should be treated as death.
Ans: And of course each and every failure of ours should be treated as rebirth. But the fuck ups, Jaani, are the heavens and hells which come in between the deaths and the rebirths.

31. Behind every successful film is a perfect script. What say?
Ans: I would say that you can make a bad film out of a good script but you can’t make a good film out of a bad script.

32. You were born in Siddhartha Engg.College. Many people are born after they are born and some people die before they die.
Ans: Actually Snehil, the reverse is true. Many people die much before they actually die and only some people keep getting born many times before they die. The worst lot are the ones who are already dead but still scared of death.