Ram Gopal Varma Blog #113. My Reactions to Reactions.

1.Why were your assistants not as successful as you are?
Ans: I will tell you that the day I come to know why I myself was successful in the first place.

2. How did you characterize Kay Kay for Vishnu’s role in Sarkar?
Ans: Compared to the novel I always felt that Sonny Corleone’s role was not as intensely portrayed by James Caan the way it was in the book. So I took a cue from a line from the novel.

“From 1935 to 1937, the name of Santino Corleone sent shockwaves through the underworld”.

Vishnu matches the intensity of this above line.

3. What is the definition of a weirdo?
Ans: One who is different and does not conform to any standards and dares to be alone.

“For them lonesomeness is the plight of sick one. For me it’s the flight from the sick ones.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.

4. Which work of Ayn Rand do you like the most?
Ans: It’s not her works, but it is her thoughts which I connect to, which could be both in her fiction and non-fiction writings. Likewise I connect to a lot of thoughts in Mad magazine too. I think humourists are the greatest philosophers in the world.

5. Is it because you go by your decisions without bothering about consequences that you made so many flops?
Ans: Yes and my hits too happened because of the same.

6. Would you have had the same attitude towards life if you were not successful?
Ans: I became successful because I have that attitude.

7. My girlfriend threatened to leave me if I ever advise her to visit your blog again.
Ans: Well, come to think of it, she might be better off.

8. I think you are a person with double standards.
Ans: Actually I am a person with multiple standards.

9. I wish you 200 movies.
Ans: Thanks! That’s 800 less than what I wish for.

10. I am 22. Roark, Nietzsche and you are the 3 most interesting men I encountered.
Ans: I think it’s high time you encounter some hot women now.

11. I don’t agree with most of things you say. You are quite strange.
Ans: “The whole of mankind lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustara. I say in one sentence what others say and do not say in whole books”. This is what Nietzsche said in his autobiography “Ecce Homo”.

I say that I am not above but I am away.

You will have no problems in life with what you don’t agree with, but be very very wary of what you agree with as that is what will determine your personality and growth.

12. Your blog is the most addictive thing I have known.
Ans: Try sex and vodka.

13. You were destined to be successful.
Ans: For me the biggest failures in life are those who cite destiny, luck and chance. Sure enough the very fact that we are not in control of things is proof enough that there exist extraneous factors which control us whether they are God, devil, destiny, astrology, planets, numerology etc etc or whatever else they might be. But the very fact that they are not in our control itself is proof enough for us not to waste our time and energy on them and instead concentrate on what is in our control.

14. Have you ever struggled in life?
Ans: No. That’s because struggle is in your mind. In reality you have to deal with life. For example, I waited for 5 hours in my beginning days to meet a Producer which could be deemed as struggle. But in all the 5 hours I was studying the kind of people who came to meet him, understand the people who are working for him, what his expectations seem to be etc etc, so that I can prepare for a better pitch.

15. What would have been your plight if your father was as careless as you?
Ans: That’s the point I was trying to make, my friend. What was his point when he was working towards a completely selfish bastard like me?

16. Why did you go to college when you were not interested in education?
Ans: Not then, not now, I never worked towards an objective. My parents wanted me to do Engineering and for me it was an opportunity to be in a new place with new people. I enjoyed being sexually stimulated by Rifle, emotionally stimulated by Satya and intellectually stimulated by Satyendra. Apart from that I did a lot of character studies of people at college which I use till today in my films.

17. How can you call me a weirdo? This is my last comment on your blog.
Ans: If you don’t have even that much of sense of humour you don’t deserve to be on this blog. Bye.

18. What is the most influential book you have ever read?
Ans: Without a doubt Ayn rand’s “Fountainhead”.

19. What kind of people do you think will watch Agyaat?
Ans: Morons, like me.

20. Why do so many people bitch you and your comments?
Ans: Where there are elephants there will be dogs. I am the dog and you bitches are the elephants. Happy now?

21. Do you get affected by criticism?
Ans: Well, I get irritated by stings, I fear bites and I ignore the barks.

22. Don’t talk with so much immaturity. Sex and power are not the only things which give happiness.
Ans: Your are right! More sex and more power give more happiness.

23. Power obsession is natural to people who suffer from an inferiority complex like you.
Ans: Criticism of power obsession is natural to inferior people like you.

24. If you had respected your grandfather and invested it would have become 20 Crores now.
Ans: Ok grandpa. Just be very wary of your grandson.

25. Only when we are independent we can fulfill our wishes.
Ans: “Like the camel is man. He kneels down and lets himself be well laden with burdens of commitments and expectations and then he says ‘Yeah! Life is hard to bear!’ But man himself is hard to bear as all he has to do is to shrug the load and gallop free.”- Friedrich Nietzsche.

On the other hand if for whatever reason you have to carry the load, then you have to learn to enjoy the process. What you should never do is to crib about the load.

26. What is the best compliment that a woman ever gave you?
Ans: She said that she wants to have sex with my attitude.

27. My mother still thinks you are half mad.