Ram Gopal Varma Blog #108. My Reactions to Reactions.

Regarding the comment that I have deleted some comments from my blog I want to clarify that it was done by somebody in my office thinking that it will offend me. You can put that right back and also whatever other comments you want to. My understanding of comments is that they reveal the nature of the man who is commenting rather than what or on who he is commenting upon. Since this blog is a public forum every one including weirdos are welcome here. Me being a weirdo myself I can’t but help welcoming them.

1. Frankly don’t get into making “Rifle”. I don’t want to see a porn film.
Ans: Who said anything about anybody making a film for you buddy?

2. Can you differentiate between Truth, Real and Fact?
Ans: Fact is what happened, Truth is the way it’s perceived and Real is its effect.

3. When you talk in your interviews, me and my sister laugh.
Ans: Ha Ha Ha.

4. What if Rifle’s son or daughter read that article?
Ans: Either you have a very short memory or too tiny a mind which obviously can’t even comprehend the simplest of things. I clearly mentioned in my article on Rifle that she never even knew that we referred to her as Rifle. Not only her, I never ever talk or comment demeaningly about anybody except myself.

5. How did you visualize the lengthy shot in the beginning of Raat?
Ans: I was sitting late in the night in a place called Kamayya Thoppu in Vijayawada in my engineering college days when I thought of that shot and I eventually shot it there. Incidentally that was the first shot I visualized after I decided to be a director.

6. You said filmmaking cannot be taught. Don’t say something for the sake of saying.
Ans: Either you must be a part of a film institute management or a guy who is trying to pester your folks that you want to join an institute or a director. Any way Shekhar Kapur, Mani Ratnam and me neither went to an institute nor assisted anybody, and my case rests.

7. What do you get out of writing this blog?
Ans: An extraordinary insight into what all kind of wackos exist in the world out there.

8. Don’t let the Court verdict deter you. Just delete the song Jana Gana Mana Rann and go ahead with the movie.
Ans: Ohhh My God! What an Idea! I was just about to shelve the film as I could not think of this Idea.

9. The morning was gloomy and your blog refreshed me.
Ans: That’s probably the nicest compliment I received. Thanks!

10. You fell in love with a beautiful Satya and not a sexy Rifle.
Ans: Hello? Beauty and sex can’t be really separated. Emotional planes differ from physical urges.

11. How many women have you slept with till date?
Ans: You will die of jealousy if I tell you.

12. What is the factor which so constantly drives you to make movies?
Ans: It’s my insatiable desire to constantly occupy the mind-space of others.

13. You might not be a criminal, but I think you too want the world to revolve around you.
Ans: Of course yes and I pretty much make it revolve. I am not an anti-social in practice but I am an anti-social in theory which can be much more dangerous not only to others but even to myself. But I love to confront danger as it makes me feel alive.

P.S: Shalini, if you promise not to tell anybody I will tell you a secret. I am not an anti-social in practice because I am too scared of the law and I love life too much and also deep inside I think that I am quite a nice guy.

14. Before reading Nietzsche, Rand and others, were you this strong willed?
Ans: That’s an interesting question. Many of my close people say that only because I was strong willed that I understood those books in the first place. Their argument is that many would have read those books, but were not affected.
“Man has no ears for what experience has not taught him already. If he agrees he knows it already.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

15. Can there be ill effects of having too much will power?
Ans: The point of will power is to have the will to take decisions on your life. But yes, life will take other decisions on your decisions. So you have to counter life’s decisions by taking decisions on its decisions and thus the circle continues. So as long as I keep on continuously taking decisions irrespective of their consequences it’s inevitable that I will always be on top of life. It’s the day that you stop taking decisions which is when life will come on top of you and crush you under its feet.