Ram Gopal Varma Blog #90. Essay on God – Part 7 of 7 & My Comments on Your Comments.

My Nirvana

If god is the supreme power which creates everything, and has the capacity to destroy anything, and is the sole force responsible for every physical and emotional activity that takes place, then our own effort to reach god should be in direct proportion to the degree of power we wish to procure.

To explain this in a practical case, let us take the case of a man working as a clerk in a big firm. Let’s say the aim of this man is to one day become the general manager. Or, in other words, he wants to have the entire office in his power. So he works hard to win the approval of the seniors and in time, by the age of his retirement, let us suppose he has reached the post of an assistant manager. Originally he cherished to be the general manager of the firm; but he succeeded only in partial.

Now, suppose there is another clerk, who has reached the post of the assistant manager, not by means of hard work, but because of his knowledge of how to bribe or butter the right people. Here, how you get to the top should not be of concern in as the morality and legality of “HOW” is determined by the society for its own social motives. The only caution the clerk should have is of the power that will oppose his efforts.

Some people live for their work or what they believe in, and they will not value even their own life. Examples of these types of people are fanatics of religion, political parties, patriotism, people who love, hate etc. The very fact that they are ready to sacrifice their lives for what they want to achieve, shows that, to live is not their primary objective.

But, if the objective is to live, then the sequence of wanting to experience a better and better quality of life follows, then my power theory of Nirvana applies. This is the real Nirvana because it benefits no external agents and can be realized only by oneself and ones own will.

Also, it is possible that even where a man who controls a great section of the society can himself be easily victimized by a lone man with a gun, or might fall to a viral disease. These, then are the hazards a man must continually try to defeat and overpower and go higher and higher to god.

The man who gains maximum control, and who understands the nature of life and the agendas of the society, and who has got rid of his conscience is a relative god. In order to reach god, you must attain his abilities. In other words, we must try to become God ourselves.


My comment on your comments on the “God” essay
In many of the comments and reactions I have noticed that quite a few missed the point of this essay and took every thought of mine to a completely different direction. Right at the outset before the 1st Part was put on the blog I mentioned that this essay was just meant for those curious enough to know how I used to think 27 years back. So for all practical purposes I too have quite a few comments to make on my own thinking of that time.

I am definitely impressed with myself, that given my age and my limited exposure, that I could think so much even though those very thoughts today to me seem too simplistic and juvenile. I am not the same man I was 27 years back. I could have become worse or better depending on from whose point of view one sees but I am definitely very different.

The change in each of us will be affected by factors such as our exposure, the people we keep meeting and interact with, the books we read and the experiences we go through. Let alone 27years ago, I don’t think I am the same man today as I was a week ago.

P.S: For the people who bombarded me with questions on my present relationship with Satya the girl who I wrote this essay for, I want them to know that Satya never knew about my love for her. She considered me as a kind of weirdo always talking intellectual stuff. She being very beautiful and because I could not compete with the really good-looking guys hovering around her for her attention, I tried to win her with this essay which has what I thought was my intelligence. This miserably flopped as she never read this essay beyond the first para of Part 1.

She gave it back to me and said “It is too boring for me and I can’t understand why you have to take life so seriously!” Well, I could not tell her that the truth of writing the essay was not about taking life seriously but it was about my love for her and I never expressed my love to her because my pride came in my way and also ofcourse I had a tremendous fear of rejection.

Last I heard of her, she is married and is a practicing doctor and lives in New York.