Ram Gopal Varma Blog #72. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. Start working more on a form rather than a story… don’t over dramatize a situation with technique… cut down on background scene… be more simplistic and realistic.
Ans: Ok Sir… Ok Sir… Ok Sir… Ok Sir…  Anything else Sir?

2. When did manipulating audiences/devotees come into the picture?
Ans: Hello can you know a joke when you see it?

3. Have you ever proposed to a girl?
Ans: About 142 times, and I was rejected 163 times. The other 21 rejected me even before I could propose.

4. When Ayn Rand disagrees with Nietzsche how can both be your favourites?
Ans: I pick up what suits me from everything and everyone in the world. I don’t cater to a single philosopher. I just make a massala of all of them to spice up my life.

5. Do you get very involved with your background scores or do you leave it to the music directors?
Ans: No. I am very much in the foreground in the background music aspect and I pretty much relegate the music directors to the background.

6. It hurts me that you yourself make fun of Aag.
Ans: Ohhhhh so chweeeet of you! Can I treat you for dinner or in case you are a girl can I propose to you please?

7. I think the percentage of importance given to the audience from a filmmaker depends upon money, star status or a lack of intelligence.
Ans: It also could be because of your own lack of intelligence in understanding the other reasons.

8. No job. Was just surfing the net and halted here for a while.
Ans: Oh Ok! But don’t expect me to offer you coffee.

9. I never see emotions in your face.
Ans: I show my emotions only to people who matter to me.

10. Do you think you achieved your goal?
Ans: Thousands of times. In fact ten times today itself. I always have a very short time and easily attainable goals. One of my goals today was to do 50 pushups.

11. Ignorance is bliss, right?
Ans: Only for the ignorants.

12. What are sins?
Ans: What your religion, teachers, parents, leaders etc tell you not to do, and most of the time I don’t care about them, and when I don’t have a choice I commit sins behind their backs. So either in front or back I am always happy.

13. Vedanta says one should live life without fear and also should live without want.
Ans: And I say fuck Vedanta and listen to what your own heart and mind and some parts of your body tell you.

14. How do you handle love?
Ans: With my hands.