Ram Gopal Varma Blog #62. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. Why is sex more exciting onscreen than between the sheets?
Ans: It’s because onscreen women come edited and in real life you can’t edit them.

2. Most call you Ramu or RGV. How come your friend addressed you as Ramgopal?
Ans: All my college mates used to call me Ramgopal.

3. Why are you against censorship?
Ans: If we are supposed to have enough wisdom to even chose and vote for who should govern us, I think it’s fair that we should also be credited with enough wisdom to decide what we want to see in our films.

4. You have nothing original. You keep quoting Schopenhaver, Ayan Rand etc.
Ans: Arey mere baap. Apart from my umpteen interviews over the years even on this blog I keep screaming that everything I do is a copy. So?

5. You are living in a fool’s paradise.
Ans: That is far better than your intellectual hell.

6. If there is no power, sex and vodka in the world what will you do then?
Ans: Die.

7. Everyone has an opinion on how a film should have been made.
Ans: You are telling me! After Aag I was given 1 lakh 34 thousand seven hundred and twenty nine opinions and after that I stopped counting.

8. I can’t imagine a world full of RGV’s.
Ans: It will be F…………

9. If you don’t have anything interesting to write, no need to write. It’s really ok. It’s fine.
Ans: If you don’t have anything else to read, no need to come to my blog. It’s really ok. It’s fine.

10. Every breath we take is a gift from God.
Ans: But he takes it out too. What about that sir?

11. What is the need to do both Rann and Agyaat?
Ans: Coz I can think and work faster than you. Least I will do is to make 2 bad films while you will do nothing.

12. Your attitude is simply spoiling your body of work.
Ans: I have a fabulous suggestion for you. Why don’t you think for yourself for a little time in all the time you are wasting on me?

13. You will be insignificant when you die, maybe just remembered by a silly Guinness /Limca book.
Ans: Thanks for that much credit at least. With you I don’t think that anybody will know that you existed.

14. I feel you are spiritual.
Ans: Quite a few people want me to become a spirit.

15. I can’t believe your rudeness. What do you think of yourself?
Ans: Too much.