Ram Gopal Varma Blog #61. My WORLD.

You see with the sense of your sight, you hear with the sense of your hearing, you feel with the sense of your touch and all these senses are nothing but the functions of your mind which is nothing but a thought and an idea.

When you close your eyes and go to sleep the world ceases to exist and it comes back to you when you wake up in the morning and it comes back in different shapes and forms to every living being on the planet. It follows that each and every one of us have our own world which cannot be really seen or experienced by anybody else no matter how close they are to us.

This world of each of us is made up of a combination of our own individual experiences, sensibilities and our knowledge and intelligence levels, however small, big and different they might be.

So my world is nothing but a collection of my own feelings and thoughts and ideas and it will be a fallacy for me to think that anybody else can really appreciate them at least in the way I meant them. At best I can hope for a few others to connect to some of my thoughts in their own individual ways. This is what I mean when I often say I make films for myself.

So as long as I am sure that no one really can understand what I stand for, what is the point of even attempting to make them understand? I might as well just give an open invitation to my world through my films to whoever is interested and after that just leave it to them for their own interpretations.

My film is nothing but my world. Many others might contribute to its shape and form but the world is eventually coloured with my vision. As a Director I am not a primary artiste in the sense of the word. Primary arts are about an actor acting, composer doing music, somebody writing dialogues etc etc. But all these primary arts I am amalgamating them into a coherent whole so that it creates an emotional impact or whatever else I might choose to create.

So you will get to see the characters such as I want you to see, hear music such as what I want you to hear etc etc. Because of this understanding of mine I always believed that the success of my film belongs to everybody in the team but the failure belongs only to me. This is because each and every artiste and technician have contributed to the best of their ability as per the requirements of the world I wanted to create in that particular film and only I know which contribution of theirs has enhanced which part of the film.

But if any visitor ventures into my world and does not like it, that is completely my failure alone as per what the visitor expected from it.

Anyway coming back to my worldly gyan, as long as you are sure of what your own world is, understand it and how you want to shape it and live in it, life more or less becomes a fantasy and you can surely have one hell of a ball, like the way I do.

My World consists of Powerful people, Intense music, Sexy women, Vodka, Gangsters, Ghosts and Philosophies which can be twisted to my convenience.

As for the other realities of Life like social responsibilities, family values and various such lofty ideals I just close my eyes and go to sleep…..Zzzzzzzzzzz…