Ram Gopal Varma Blog #52. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. How true is that post Aag you went bankrupt and shifted from your office to a dilapidated building?

Ans: Not true. Actually I have shifted to under a tree and I now operate from a footpath.

2. What on earth were you thinking when you made Naach?

Ans: Thinking?

3. Who really manages your blog?

Ans: My ghost.

4. Stop reacting and start responding.


5. Why don’t you make a film as big as Shankar’s film?

Ans: Why don’t you just go and watch Shankar’s film?

6. You will die alone.

Ans: I will prefer that to your company.

7. Do you decide to go on a floor on instinct or logic or something else?

Ans: Instinct and logic and something else.

8. Did your engineering degree help you in filmmaking or is it just Ayan Rand?

Ans: Ayan Rand among plenty others and also plenty other things but definitely not my degree.

9. Why does Swami in Sarkar have more brains than Rashid?

Ans: The same reason why I have better than yours.

10. Why didn’t you give another chance to Saurabh Narang of Vastu Shastra?

Ans: I don’t give chances. I take chances. I took mine. He does not want to take his.

11. How much of technical knowledge do you need to understand cinema?

Ans: None.

12. ………in that sense you wasted Amitji in Aag.

Ans: I accept.

13. Thanks in advance for reading.

Ans: I agree with several of your points.

14. You are one of my favourite directors.

Ans: Please don’t tell the names of the others and spoil it for me.

15. Meeting you is in my control. Not yours.

Ans: Superb.

16. Nishabd’s scene of Jiah being drenched was better than in Adrian Lyne’s “Lolita”

Ans: I disagree. Nobody can shoot a woman better than Adrian Lyne. Just check the introduction of Dominique Swain in “Lolita”.

17. If there was no Fountainhead would there be “Naach”?

Ans: No.

18. Was the blog on Amitji to butter him?

Ans: You are free to believe whatever will butter your happiness.

19. What is the importance of money to you?

Ans: Thanks for asking me. I have a lot to say on this and I will write a piece soon.