Ram Gopal Varma Blog #51. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. Will you cast Mohanlal in any of your future films?

Ans: I think he will cut my hands if I approach him again.

2. Being irresponsible and selfish do you have the right to question media responsibilities?

Ans: Hello? Who’s questioning? All I am saying is that it takes one to know one.

3. Your scripts are not well developed?

Ans: I am waiting with bated breath for your inputs.

4. If a doctor tells you that you have only 2 months to live, how will you spend them?

Ans: Exactly the way I do now as I live moment by moment.

5. Rann sounds good. I hope it won’t loose anything between Idea and execution.

Ans: Keep hoping.

6. Why are most of your male protagonists atheists?

Ans: Because they are my alter egos.

7. Why do all your heroines have such terrific bodies?

Ans: Ahhhhhhhh!

8. How do you like the title “Ramgopal Varma ka Rann”?

Ans: As much as anybody would like your stupid sense of humour.

9. The scripts you are selecting lately have less substance?

Ans: Ho… Hum.

10. Did you fail your directors or did your directors fail you?

Ans: You as a viewer failed us both.

11. You wasted the character of Amitji in Aag.

Ans: Oh my! Somebody has woken up from a long sleep. Ek coffee laana please!

12. You may be eagle-eyed but how did you watch people’s expressions in a darkened theatre?

Ans: Since you obviously seem to be stunted go back to my “B and me” blog and notice that I said “not so darkened theatre” and this time write it down 50 times so that hopefully you won’t forget it.

13. Sir I have a story idea for you that has simplicity, love, passion, career growth and male escorting in it.

Ans: Boo hoo! Not fair. Not fair at all. Just because I made Aag it’s not fair that you and your breed want to torture me like this. Please leave me alone or I will make another Aag.

14. Electronic media is making lot of movies every day but they call it news.