Ram Gopal Varma Blog #95. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. Satyendra reminds me of a line from Friedrich Nietzsche “The higher you go, the smaller you look to the people who are still on the ground level.”
Ans: Though brilliantly said I don’t think that line was said by Nietzsche as it seems a little too tame by his normal standards of expression, though he said about himself in his autobiography ‘Ecce Homo’
“The whole phenomenon of humanity lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustra. What I say in one line others do not say in whole books.”

2. Did your thinking develop from the books you read and your associations with certain people?
Ans: Everybody’s thinking pretty much develops because of those same reasons, as the simple fact is that we are all born with a blank mind.

3. Can you tell us about a conversation you had with Satyendra?
Ans: One day as I was going out for shopping Satyendra handed me his chappal and asked me to get its broken strap repaired. I was pretty offended to which he said, “You wouldn’t have been offended if I asked you to get my glove or my hat repaired. The reason why you are actually offended is because you look down upon your own feet compared to your hands or your head due to certain programming which was done on you over the years. On the other hand if it is the dirt you are worried about, I want you to understand that there is more dirt in your body than on my chappal. Any way, what is dirt? Everything in this world is some combination or the other of the 102 elements and you would not look down upon any of these elements individually but in a certain combination in a certain context you develop negativism to them…..”

At the end of a 15 minute lecture from him on the above lines I felt stupid and took his chappal along with me to get it repaired.

4. Is Satyendra your alter ego?
Ans: No, he was my ego crasher.

5. When it comes to reality people like Satyendra fail miserably.
Ans: Success and failure are too lame to be used in the context of a man like Satyendra. For you and me they are important because we measure ourselves from the stand point of how others perceive us.
“That tree stands lonely there on the hills. It has grown up high above man and beast and when it speaks, there is no one tall enough to listen”. – Friedrich Nietzsche (Thus Spake Zarathustra).

6. If you see negative effects of Satyendra’s brilliance, maybe you are negative in your perception of him.
Ans: Actually my intelligence was in realizing the negative effects of Satyendra because I do not have his brilliance to support me if I adapted to his thought process. If an ant truly realizes the size and strength of an elephant it will be smart of it to move away from the elephant rather than be around it.

7. Of what importance are ability, intelligence, genius etc without a meaningful outlet?
Ans: Meaningful to whom and with what motivation is the question. In Satyendra’s own words, “To measure success let’s imagine a case of people walking through a tunnel with an objective to reach its end. Now depending on who reached the end 1st, 2nd, 3rd, we can measure success. On the other hand if people are going through different tunnels where their condition of passages and their individual capacities are different, then how do you measure?”

Satyendra is a man who choose never to enter any tunnel for reasons best known to himself as he never had a desire to achieve. He just wanted to absorb. That’s his choice and I respect that.

8. Why didn’t you give him a chance to stay with you instead of leaving him in a windowless room?
Ans: Hello, that was his choice and not mine. I already told in my article on him that he got bored with me. The greatest compliment he ever paid me was when he said, “I think you are just stupid whereas I don’t even know what to call the others.”

9. Why don’t you make a movie on Satyendra?
Ans: Can’t because he is a mind thing.

10. After reading your blog I think that you are as troubled a soul as me.
Ans: Think whatever makes you happy Mr.Spiritual.

11. How do you manage to live happily without disappointments?
Ans: By not having expectations and relishing every moment.

12. Is it really possible to know everything in the entire universe in one life to get bored to death?
Ans: It’s not about knowing everything but it’s about having a desire to know something you really want to know about.
“The pursuit of truth and knowledge is not important. What is important is the pursuit of a specific truth and knowledge which helps you in reaching your goal provided you have one.” – Ayan Rand (The Romantic Manifesto)

In Satyendra’s case he chose not to have a goal or he had goals I with my limited intelligence could not comprehend.

13. How come Satyendra was 2 years junior to you and yet you were with him for 4 years in Engg?
Ans: I said he was 2 years younger to me… and I failed one year. Happy with the math?