Ram Gopal Varma Blog #196. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Don’t run behind money, run behind excellence which will make your movie a hit automatically.

Ans: Don’t run to give advises. Run to use your excellent wisdom on yourself which will make you a even bigger hit automatically.

2. Did you ever think you had a damn good idea but in the making you realized that it won’t work?

Ans: No, that never happened to me because once I decided to act upon an idea I like any other maker will tend to become blind with regards to how the idea is shaping up. That’s pretty much like how a parent will be blind to his offsprings faults and that’s the primary reason why any film turns out to be bad even after the filmmaker spends years of work believing in the film. After the release every tom, dick and harry of the country who sees the film becomes an expert on the film just in 2 hours or lesser. It’s only when that tom, dick or harry gets to make a film himself that he will realize the gospel of this truth.

There are billions of people in the world and every one of them have their own individual mind and every one of those individual minds thinks that only it itself is individually right and all the other individuals minds are wrong and that’s the reason all the minds in the world individually are visionaries when it comes to their analysis of others individual minds but they are totally blind to the individual vision of their own minds.

3. If the human race is evolving, then all imperfections that are a part of its collective psyche are just a part of a journey towards being the perfect species. Isn’t this true?

Ans: Very true and apart from a race it’s even more true for an individual but the problem will be always with a said individuals perception of what is perfect and what is imperfect, and if he happens to become the leader of that race then it will become a problem for that race too.

4. From what age could you control your emotions?

Ans: Roughly when I was around 8 years old when I stopped believing in God and started understanding where the idea of God came from. Once you get God out of your life most of your controlling emotions go out of your life and from then onwards you can just revel in the purity of your debauchery.

“I would fain bestow and distribute until the wise once again become joyous in their folly”. – Nietzsche.

5. What’s your opinion on cricket?

Ans: The only thing I hate more than cricket are the people who love cricket.

6. How the hell do you manage to be so ridiculously entertaining?

Ans: That’s because many a time I tell the truth and truth by nature is both ridiculous and entertaining and then when I lie I make it sound like the truth which makes it even more ridiculous and even more entertaining.

7. I find you more engaging and interesting as a person than a filmmaker. Why doesn’t your personality reflect in your films?

Ans: That’s a very good question. When I speak here my thoughts are raw, straight and direct which for the same reason will become a direct extension of my personality. In my films they are coming through characters which are not me and in the form of a story developed over a long period of time and as a sum result of decisions taken at different time periods influenced by quite a few extraneous factors. Hence no film of mine can be ever as straight and as direct as my own personality.

8. Intelligence is simply the ability to self refer to the information available “contextually” within yourself.

Ans: That’s superbly put, Surya. I never thought about it that way.

9. What is the driving force for you to want to make films? Is it money, power, women or your philosophical perspectives?

Ans: The driving force in me is primarily nothing but a strong urge to see the world exactly the way I want to see it and hear it exactly the way I want to hear it and then I through my films try to ram it down the throats of others. Whether the others want to puke or swallow it’s up to them.

10. Your answers are like tongue twisters sometimes.

Ans: That’s because my thoughts are twisted and I design my answers to twist your thoughts.

11. What is love?

Ans: It’s a highly infectious dangerous disease which can only be cured with a very strong medicine called marriage.

12. Mr.RGV you may make me feel like a dumbass with your answers but the bottom line is that you need to reflect on your stories. I am sorry to say that I am really disgusted by the majority of films that are coming out of the industry these days.

Ans: Why should you be sorry, Mr.Dumbass. We in the industry should be sorry, for subjecting you to our films Mr.Dumbass. Sorry again Mr.Dumbass.

13. There is a concentrated strong effort to write you off.

Ans: Writing off strongly will only break the nib of the pen. They would be better off in stabbing me with it. But however sharp their nib is it can’t ever pierce my heart since I don’t have one.

14. When your answers are so simple, clear and real, why do people still ask same questions?

Ans: Mannar, people never listen to answers as they only want to ask questions. If one listens to answers there will never be a need to ask questions. That’s because for every question there was always an answer available since time immemorial.

15. Fascination or admiration for anything in life would be of no use unless you make them a value addition in your life.

Ans: I am not sure if “Rifle” and Sridevi would be “fascinating” and “admirable” if they were to become value additions. So it’s better to enjoy just the feeling of “fascination” and “admiration” towards them as value additions and not really add them to your values.

16. As someone who lives life to the fullest do you think death is the ultimate tragedy?

Ans: Anything which is certain cannot be a tragedy and death is a certainty. It’s life which is uncertain and hence full of tragedies.

17. Since “Kagaz Ke Phool” we didn’t see a film on a director.

Ans: I am actually planning to make a comedy on the life of a film director.

18. If you compile “My Reactions to Reactions” and publish it, it will become a best-seller.

Ans: I don’t know about that but, “Saakshi” the Telugu newspaper is planning to do a weekly column called “Naa” on my views, thoughts and experiences in their supplementary called “Funday” starting from 15th May.

19. An intelligent is a man who talks more words than necessary to tell more than he knows. – Dwight Eisenhower.

Ans: A dumbass is a man who never gets it no matter how many more words are used than necessary as he simply does not have the capacity to get it. – RGV

20. Did you gather any gyan from us bloggers here?

Ans: Ha Ha, Jaani. I loved your passage from “Thus Spoke Satyendra”. Regarding your question, I definitely gathered tremendous gyan here, probably as much as what Satyendra, Ayn Rand, Nietzsche and Mad magazine gave me and I mean this from my heart. Whether the learning is coming from the unlearned or the unlearning is coming from the learned, it is nevertheless “learning”.

P.S: I loved your points on PHOONK 2.

21. I control myself not to open your blog as I fear you are becoming an addiction to me. My boyfriend tells me not to read your blog.

Ans: Well Harini, a long time back when a friend of my father caught me reading “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”, he made a big issue about it almost as if I was caught reading a porn magazine. (It’s another matter that I value a porn magazine more than “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”). But when I debated with him about what is wrong with it, he finally sheepishly confessed that he is scared of being swept away from his existing belief systems. His words, “I have been too long embedded in my belief systems and I don’t have the will and energy now stand against the strength of “Zarathustra”.

But Harini, most likely your boyfriend will not ever get it as I know this from a similar thing that happened to me with my cousin who used to look after my productions a long time back. He had a fad for ecological issues and environmental protection matters and one day as we were driving together he was telling me with a great deal of concern that there will be water wars in about 50 years and he was very worried about what would be the earths status then and what will happen to the people when they start fighting for water.

I told him that, ‘we could die at the next turn of this road hit by a truck in an accident so let’s not worry about water problems after 50 years. Frankly, I don’t care what happens to the earth one second after I die and I also know that no way I am going to live anywhere near another 50 years. But if you really are concerned about the people 50 years from now facing shortage of water then instead of wasting time on film production activities you should work on a scientific solution and if you don’t have the education and brains for that you should opt for a cheaper and an easier solution like praying to a God or a Baba. On the other hand if you just keep worrying your entire life about that impending problem and then just one day before you die if some smartass scientist comes up with a mind blowing solution for the water problem you would have lived your entire life like an idiotass who lived his life worrying about a non-issue.

After I bestowed upon him my above wisdom he became completely quiet and I thought I enlightened him but then after 4 days I overheard him telling the same concern of his to a girl that 50 years from now there will be water wars.

It was then that a burst of some more additional wisdom dawned upon me and I got enlightened to the fact that my cousin and many like him are incapable of getting in any new knowledge into their heads. That happens because my cousin kind of species are so full of their own locked in programmed belief systems and so they do not have an ability to absorb any more growth. So no amount of logic can get their stupidity out. Even if we somehow manage to get their stupidity out only a vacuum will remain in their heads and then they will have no identity left and because of that they will either violently defend their belief systems when they can get away with it or just go completely quiet when they can’t get away with it.

P.S: An earlier girlfriend of mine used to stop me from reading Ayn Rand and Nietzsche. Maybe your boyfriend and my girlfriend should get together.