Ram Gopal Varma Blog #194. My Reactions to Reactions

1. I did not like this “last time I was scared” post.

Ans: Jaani, to start with I don’t post anything here for you or anyone else to like it. I do it because I felt like posting it at that point of time and I myself might dislike it more than you at some other point of time.

2. “To do great things is different, but to command great things is more difficult” – Nietzsche….. Is this why the job of Director is more difficult?

Ans: the line you quoted of Nietzsche is wrong. What he actually said was “It’s more difficult to command than to obey. That’s because the man who commands also bears the burden of the men who obey”.

3. Would I find you and your blog boring after I read Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged?

Ans: On the contrary you might understand my writings better as in how distorted an application of those books I do in here. So you will either love me or hate me depending on the range of your own intelligence.

4. Instead of a film on the swamis, I think you should make a documentary on them ala Michael Moore.

Ans: That’s partly the idea. It’s going to be a docudrama.

5. I didn’t expect an apology from you.

Ans: Ok Teja, I take it back. Incidentally I showed your theories about him not existing to Satyendra.

6. How do you deal with uncertainty?

Ans: I am never ever uncertain. I look at all the pros and cons of a decision I have to make and then I just make it.

Uncertainty is that one horrendously despicable thing which makes the most valuable thing ever of our lives called ‘TIME’ go just completely wasted.

10. Did you lose anything in life in order to achieve?

Ans: I never ever lost anything because I don’t take anything ever as a loss. Every loss can be converted into a profit of experience in life and can be invested in the next decision.

7. Even if a guy is programmed to be happy isn’t the person still happy?

Ans: To start with happiness is never absolute, Neo. It’s always relative. It’s a feeling which gets triggered off in various degrees as an emotional response to a certain specific stimuli.

So if a programmed happyist gets into an extreme state of happiness that he has passed his exams in first class, I can bring it down by explaining to him his degree will be of no value in the real world. So in other words his happiness is a derivative of a pre-programme put in his mind which will last only till he reaches the next programme.

On the other hand a non-programmed happyist like me will zoom out and study the happiness causing origins, dissect them and apply them for a specific growth in a desired and highly understood direction.

8. It is possible to film a scene what you wrote from the Desmond Bagley novel with a voice over?

Ans: I don’t think you have the intellectual capacity to understand the point I was making. So why don’t you just chill and make a home video of your sister’s birthday.

9. I think Satyendra to you is what Roark was to Ayn Rand.

Ans: Satyendra shaped me whereas Rand gave birth to Roark.

11. I felt Ranganayakamma’s “Visha Vraksham” was trash.

Ans: I feel you are trash for feeling that.

12. You are an amalgamation of thoughts condensed from various sources/people.

Ans: All of us are the same but very few of us realize it and the rest get infected with that horrible disease called “I”.

13. If we have no ears for what experience has not given us an access to, how will we ever learn?

Ans: I firstly believe that growth in life is a process of unlearning rather than learning as whatever we ever need to know we would have known it already by instinct and then various programmers will take away that instinctive knowledge of ours and fill our minds with their programmed knowledge. Very few of us will have the strength and insight into seeing them through and to start unlearning what we have been made to learn.

14. I have learnt more in 2 years from your blog than in 20 years of my academic education.

Ans: “I say in one sentence what others say and what others do not say in whole books. The whole phenomenon of humanity lies at an incalculable distance beneath me and my Zarathustra”. – Friedrich Nietzsche (Ecce Homo)

15. Nietzsche wrote “Why I am a destiny? – My truth is terrible” and you distorted it for your movies caption as “Truth is terrible”.

Ans: “There are no facts only interpretations”. – Nietzsche.

16. Overcoming fear is fine. But how can you overcome guilt?

Ans: It’s easier because guilt is nothing but a residue of a conflict between what you want to do and what you are not supposed to do.

For example if you are cheating on your wife and you feel guilty about it you should understand that it’s your desire towards the other woman which is the ‘want’ you have and it’s the programmed commitment you have towards your wife which brings out the guilt in you.

So the best way to get out of this is to make your wife feel guilty about stopping you from having a thing with the other woman. You should tell her that every human being, man, woman and child have the same constitution as in flesh, blood, bones etc. It’s only their thoughts, emotions and their intents in the minds which make them different. So you tell her that there’s no great big deal in a physical body touching another physical body. If a child touches a woman’s breast she won’t mind it but if a man touches it she would. But both the child and the man’s fingers have exactly the same constitution, the difference is in their intentions. After giving her this gyan just tell her “What if I sleep with you and imagine you to be her. Isn’t that much more deplorable?. You can physically stop me from going to her but you can’t stop me from imagining you to be her”. At the end of this kind of explanation she would feel so confused and so guilty thereby not making you feel guilty anymore.

Just one word of caution. The above gyan to her also might result in you being slapped hard or even you being stabbed. Don’t hold me onto this when I also die and meet you up there.

P.S: More seriously, Ayn Rand fell in love with her student called Nathaniel Brenden who was half her age when she was 54 and he was 27. She called for a meeting of Barbara, Nathaniel’s wife and her own husband Frank ‘O’ Connor and explained to them the need for her and Nathaniel to have an affair. At the end of her logic both Frank and Barbara were reduced to such a mental state that they went for a walk together to give quality time to Ayn and Nathaniel.

Incidentally Neo, I did read that book you mentioned but I suggest you read “The Passion of Ayn Rand” on the same subject matter which is much more insightful of the incredible contrast between Ayn Rand the woman and Ayn rand the philosopher.