Ram Gopal Varma Blog #192. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Would Howard Roark read Fountainhead?
Ans: That’s a damn intelligent question Bhanu, I can’t imagine Roark ever reading a book because he himself is an embodiment of a thought process that arose from an intellectual analysis of the knowledge gathered by Ayn Rand through her reading of every book back then that was ever worth reading.

2. Since a film is an amalgam of emotions, if the director is devoid of certain emotions due to his personal biases or experiences can he ever be a true filmmaker?
Ans: There’s no such thing as a true filmmaker. First you have to understand that film is just a medium of expression. To be wanting to express yourself you can talk, you can write or you can also make a film. Then comes the point of what you want to express and that will depend upon your personal biases which might have arisen out of your experiences. Films eventually will be as varied as how differently various people express.

3. You said Mohanlal is India’s Robert De Niro and now you are praising Surya.
Ans: I never compared Mohanlal with De Niro. To start with I don’t think much of De Niro. I talked about Surya what I felt.

4. Filmmaking is a chance to live many life times. – Robert Altman.
Ans: Superbly said. That’s exactly what I am doing in “Rakta Charitra” because I have been thinking and feeling through all its characters.

5. You always make me think about a new perspective.
Ans: And that’s what I call “My Perspective”.

6. Inspite of you too being driven by instincts like everybody else, you validate the source of the instinct and thereby negate the ill effect that might get created and that is why you are devoid of pain and suffering.
Ans: You are absolutely right Mikey. The first time I understood this is when Satyendra once told me during my 2nd year engineering “Ramgopal, if ever you get hurt by someone or something think about why you are getting hurt rather than about who or what is causing the hurt. That way you will get to the core source of the hurt which will enable you to remove it permanently”.

7. How can one overcome fear?
Ans: Fear comes out of not wanting to lose. It can be of losing life, of losing money, of losing comfort etc. The secret is to enjoy all of them but never to want to possess them. The day you can let go of anything of what you think should be yours is the day you can conquer fear.

8. What is the first step in the process of trying to be like Howard Roark?
Ans: All my life I worked towards not wanting to be like Howard Roark. I understood him completely and then fashioned myself along the lines of the villains of Fountainhead.

9. Two individuals with the same attribute cannot get along with each other. Right?
Ans: I don’t agree to that. You could be right if you use the word ‘strong’ instead of ‘same’. I would say that people with the same attitude would get bored of each other. In other words it will be like a successful marriage.

10. Why do you think marriage was invented?
Ans: To spoil the fun of sex.

11. Sometimes your answers are more exasperating than the questions themselves.
Ans: You should always take the questions seriously and never the answers. That’s because in life the answers will keep changing but the questions will always remain the same.

12. Will you save Nietzsche, Ayn Rand, Satyendra and Sridevi on the raft because you think their lives are more worthwhile than others?
Ans: Yes. My life is not worth a while without them.

13. There are intellectuals, morons and pretenders on this blog and I think you are the biggest pretender on this blog.
Ans: I intend to pretend and you pretend to intend.

14. You make a conscious effort to answer in a manner which conforms to your image of a non-conformist and your effort shows.
Ans: I am from the business of showbiz and my intent is to both show and show off.

15. People who produce masterpieces always appear smaller than their work as their work overwhelms the senses, but a con man through clever marketing can appear bigger than his mediocre works.
Ans: “In the world even the best things are worthless without those who make a side-show of them: these showmen, the people call great men.

Little do the people understand what is great — that is to say, the creating great. But they have a taste for all showmen and actors of great things.

Around the creators of new values revolves the world: – invisibly it revolves. But around the actors revolve the people and the glory: such is the course of things”. – Nietzsche (Thus Spoke Zarathustra)

16. When it rains all birds occupy shelter but the eagle alone dares to fly above the clouds.
Ans: And when the rain does not stop for a long time the drenched eagle will die before it can reach the shelter.

My advice is that you yourself should always remain in the shelter and instigate others to fly over the clouds for you.

17. Which fucking species do you belong to?
Ans: Definitely not to fucked up species like you.

18. I am convinced Satyendra is just your imagination. You just created him as bench mark wanting to reach his intellectual brilliance. It’s impossible for a man like Satyendra to exist in 70’s India when there was no internet for him to get hold of all those philosophies even before he was 20.
Ans: “This tree stands lonely here on the hills
It has grown up high above man and beast
And when it speaks there is no one
tall enough to listen”

These words Nietzsche said in his “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” keeping in mind morons like you who don’t even qualify to be a weed under his tree.

Whether Satyendra is an imagination or not is not at all the point. Whether or not you subscribe to his thought process is the point.

The philosopher Schopenhauer said that “if you close your eyes the world will cease to exist”. I think you went a bit further and closed your mind. You don’t want to hear and that makes you worse than being deaf.

Thoughts did not come out of the internet. The internet was created out of thoughts. So in the days of no internet also, geniuses like Satyendra lived and continued living by passing their thoughts to lesser mortals. But now in spite of the internet morons like you still don’t get the point that Satyendra is nothing but a thought. I acknowledged him as a person because he has shown me the way but then I found my own path myself.

19. Everyone theoretically knows what it takes to be their dreamself but are amazed by the practically realized dreamselves like you.
Ans: I realized that life is nothing but a dream and because I realized that I went about practically working towards realizing it.

20. However much knowledge you gain and reach heights in life, it has no meaning if you cannot understand a fellow beings pain.
Ans: Yeah, you should understand a fellow beings pain so that you will not put yourself in a similar stupid situation like him.

21. Do you hate your haters on this blog?
Ans: I don’t ever hate anyone because hatred is a very valuable emotion and I don’t ever waste it on people I hate.