Ram Gopal Varma Blog #182. My Reactions to Reactions

1. It’s surprising that the majority here discuss only aspects of your hit films and ignore some brilliant aspects of your flop films.
Ans: That’s because the majority can only see things by association and not by and for themselves.

2. I don’t build so that I can hire clients. I want clients so that I can build.
Ans: I built my entire life on the above line of Howard Roark from “Fountainhead”.

3. Is lust the feeling of an idle mind?
Ans: On the contrary it’s the feeling of an active mind. A laidback person will be the worst in bed.

4. The real purpose of art is not to please or make the audience comfortable. It is about rebelling.
Ans: Brilliantly put, Vamsee.

5. Do you think your visions have been programmed by movies like Godfather?
Ans: I would say that they added.

6. Style without content is when frames start irritating like in case of “Sarkar Raj”.
Ans: My purpose is to either irritate you or to awe you or to inspire you or atleast to make you take your valuable time off to post your comment here. Ha Ha! Mission accomplished.

7. Film is a dramatized reality and it is the director’s job to make it appear real. The audience should never become conscious of technique. – David Lean.
Ans: Film is a fantasized reality and it’s the director’s job to make real look like fantasy. The audience should be super conscious of the technique and that is the one and only reason why I am still being allowed to make films. – RGV

8. In the clip you posted, is the last shot of the kid waving inspired from Gandhi?
Ans: Yes and I would say it was copied.

9. Why do many on this blog try to impress you?
Ans: For the same reason I try to impress them.

10. I dream for a living. – Steven Spielberg
Ans: I live to dream. – RGV

11. Do you have any psychological deficiencies?
Ans: I only have psychological deficiencies and I manage to con people into thinking that they are my efficiencies.

12. I want to discuss philosophy with you when we are drunk.
Ans: I drink because I philosophize and don’t philosophize when I am drunk.

13. Please give credit to Suman for giving you the title “Department” in the titles.
Ans: I am.

14. You have precision, speed and economy in your filming techniques.
Ans: I am really touched with your observations.

15. Do you think shyness/introvert has a relation with low self esteem?
Ans: Shyness is function of fear of rejection and insecurity but an introvert could also be because of extreme arrogance.

16. You say that people should not swim with the tide and then you say that they should not be guarding their beliefs and just let them mingle with others beliefs. Contradictory?
Ans: The difference is in, whether you want to be programmed and just flow with the tide or with the help of others would you want to manipulate the tides.

17. Can you interpret “Fountainhead” for us on the blog?
Ans: What do you think I was doing all this time except for interpreting all those who have influenced me?

18. Before “Requiem for a Dream” Darren Aronofsky used the body rig in “Pi”.
Ans: Oh! I didn’t know that. Thanks.

19. You said “When you truly realize that you can never really truly own anything, you will not be desperate to guard it”. You have been hurt a lot, haven’t you?
Ans: Arisha, the day you stop thinking for me and think for yourself there’s a higher chance of you getting to know me.

20. Your films are on an abstract level because you have evolved on a abstract level. I have been noticing this since “Company”.
Ans: You have a point there. But I think I am reversing in “Rakta Charitra”.

21. You are like a porn actress who gets naked in her website but goes covered in society.
Ans: Ha Ha. That’s truly a brilliant analogy. My whole office could not stop laughing with this comment of yours as they too feel the same.

22. Just saw “Rann”… liked most of it, although it could have better edited.
Ans: Ok Sir.

23. Your website is as good as a porn site.
Ans: I think you are visiting the wrong porn sites. There are far better ones.

24. You know how to twist things. Your tactical maneuverability sometimes works but failure is as hard as success.
Ans : Yes, and success is as brittle as failure.

25. I get fever thinking of how much work you do.
Ans: And I don’t ever get fever because of much work I do.

26. Why do people have so much greed for money?
Ans: The irony is that people with loads of money don’t know how to spend it and people with no money can’t stop thinking about how to spend it.

27. Frankly speaking Ayn Rand is not interesting but you made her interesting in the way your mind has interpreted her philosophy.
Ans: That’s pretty much true for all interpretations. I might have learnt from Ayn Rand and you might learn Ayn rand through me but the sum effect is what you learn for yourself and then neither me nor Ayn Rand will matter. 
28. How did you become so philosophical from being a careless guy?
Ans: I became careless only after philosophizing because I realized through it that caring is what which creates expectations and consequently disappointments.

29. Happy Shiva Raathri.
Ans: All my Raathri’s are Shiva Raathri’s and they are happy and so there can’t be any specifically happy Shiva Rathri for me.

30. How come many directors try to shoot women the way you do but fail?
Ans: That’s because they like the way I look at women but they don’t love women the way I do.

31. Is your “Ramuism” a sum of no isms?
Ans: Yes, it’s a sum of no isms and all isms.

32. Do you feel hurt or angry when people make negative and insulting comments on you?
Ans: In answer to this I would like to quote a passage from Friedrich Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”.

“In the world even the best things amount to nothing without someone to make a show of them: as great men, the people call these showmen.

But little do people comprehend what is great – that is the creating great. But they have a taste for all showmen and actors of great things.

Around the inventors of new values the world revolves: invisibly it revolves. But around the actors revolve people: that is the ‘way of the world’.

Far from the market place and fame happens all that is great: far from the market place the inventors of new values revolve.

Flee, my friend, into your solitude: I see you stung all over by poisonous flies. Flee where the air is raw and strong.

Flee into your solitude! You have lived too close to the small and the pitiable. Flee their invisible revenge! Against you they have nothing but revenge.

No longer raise your arm against them. Numberless are they, and it is not your lot to shoo flies. Numberless are these small and miserable creatures; and many a proud building has perished of raindrops and weeds. I see you wearied by poisonous flies, bloody in a hundred places; and your pride refuses even to be angry. Blood is what they want from you in all innocence. Their bloodless souls crave blood, and so they sting you in all innocence. But you, you deep one, suffer too deeply even from small wounds; and even before you have healed, the same poisonous worm crawls over your hand. You are too proud to kill these miserable creatures. But beware lest it become your downfall that you suffer their poisonous injustice.

They hum around you with their praise too: obtrusiveness is their praise. They want the proximity of your skin and your blood. They flatter you as a god or devil; they whine before you as before a god or devil. What does it matter? They are flatterers and whiners and nothing more.

Often they affect a charm. But that has always been the cleverness of cowards. Indeed, cowards are clever! They think a lot about you with their petty souls – you always seem problematic to them. Everything that one thinks about a lot becomes problematic.

They punish you for all your virtues. They forgive you entirely – your mistakes.

Because you are gentle and just in disposition you say, ‘They are guiltless in their small existence.’ But their petty souls think, ‘Guilt is a very great existence.’

Even when you are gentle to them they still feel despised by you: and they return your benefaction with hidden malefactions. Your silent pride always runs counter to their taste; they are jubilant if for once you are modest enough to be vain. That which we recognize in a person we also inflame in him: therefore, beware of the small creatures. Before you they feel small, and their baseness glimmers and glows in invisible revenge. Have you noticed how often they became mute when you stepped among them, and how their strength went from them like smoke from a dying fire?

Flee, my friend, into your solitude and where the air is raw and strong! It is not your lot to shoo flies.

Thus spoke Zarathustra.”

In whichever context he said and to whoever he addressed the basic point is that each and every one of us comes alone into the world and we have to fend for ourselves alone. But the design of nature is such that whole of our lives we are made to both value and devalue ourselves through others valuation. I understood this truth very early on and I decided to live and die by my own values.