Ram Gopal Varma Blog #176. My Reactions to Reactions

1. After watching videos of your press conferences and reading your blog, I am feeling that you are an impressive actor.
Ans: I act to impress.

2. What is the difference between work and hard work?
Ans: Work is to achieve what you want and hard work is when you don’t enjoy the process.

3. Who’s that girl in the red dress in RANN pics?
Ans: Neetu Chandra

4. Sir, what do you think of Amitabh Bachchan as a person and as an actor?
Ans: He’s a terrible actor and by far the most horrible human being I met.

P.S: In future please kindly don’t ask such tremendously supreme dumb predictable questions.

5. A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity and an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.
Ans: And an inbetweenist sees a difficult opportunity as an opportunistic difficulty.

6. One of my dreams is to sit with you in a bar and talk.
Ans: That’s touching…. I take that as a compliment and thanks. 

P.S: If you promise not to tell anybody I will let you in on a secret.
I am not as stupid as how I sometimes make people in here believe. I just act stupid so that my intelligence won’t scare them away.

Well, I never said that I am not a megalomaniac.

By the way, thanks again for the compliment.

7. What are you most thankful for?
Ans: That Ayn Rand, Nietzsche, Satyendra and Sridevi were born.

8. What’s your comment on Paranormal Activity?
Ans: I want to salute its success for exploding the myth of needing big budgets to make a blockbuster.

9. The audience has too few people who can understand you.
Ans: It’s not their business to understand me. It’s my business to make them understand.

10. I didn’t like the music of RANN at all.
Ans: I like it.

11. You said at any given time you think 20 things simultaneously. But technically mind can think only one thing at any instance.
Ans: That’s a truth for lesser mortals like you and not for exalted souls like me.

12. Ignorance is a polite word for dumbness and arrogance is a harsh word for intellect.
Ans: Ignorance is not knowing, dumbness is knowing and not understanding, arrogance is not caring about knowing and intellect is knowing your ignorance.

13. Did you hear of the rumour that Gandhi used to sleep with 2 naked women?
Ans: That’s not a rumour. Gandhi himself admitted to that. Apparently he wanted to sleep naked with his nieces to test his power of abstinence.
Since he is the father of our nation let’s just shut up and listen.

14. Watched Avatar for the 3rd time and this time I got to catch up on some brilliance of James Cameron.
Ans: Obviously your mind works 3 times slower.

15. Do you really think all kinds of emotions can be reasoned with logic?
Ans: If they don’t have a reason and logic, emotions cannot have a validity. I am not talking about basic emotions which are common to all living beings but I am talking about emotions on a plane which can enhance your sensory perceptions both physically and intellectually to a very high degree.

16. All characters cannot be like Howard Roark.
Ans: Brilliantly analyzed, Parixit.

17. If you know today is your last day, what would you do and why?
Ans: I will watch some of my films so as to go back into the memory lane of how I lived my life.

18. I think you should make a biopic on Srinivasan Ramanujam.
Ans: I hate Maths.

19. I think you have a lot of influence of Friedrich Nietzsche on you.
Ans: I am fucking shockingly amazed at this unimaginably intelligent deduction of yours. How the hell did you make this fantastic observation?

20. What is more meaningful between pure love and pure lust?
Ans: Pure love cannot be there without pure lust and vice versa. Lust is sacred, love is divine and the woman is a temple.

21. What is the difference between a womanizer and a womantic?
Ans: A womanizer is a man who wants women to serve him and a womantic is a man who serves them.

22. Like cinematographers turn directors why don’t directors turn cinematographers?
Ans: A director by definition should be knowing all the aspects of filmmaking. So he will not be going down to one specific aspect when he can be in control and above all aspects.

23. The real reason of motivation comes from the guilt of being unworthy.
Ans: I would say it comes from a fear of being unworthy and yes your observations are bang on.

24. Suppose your die hard fan is dying in a hospital and he wants to meet you. Will you come?
Ans: Depends on my priorities at that moment. I am not obligated to someone who likes me. I am obligated to whom I like.

25. How do you manage your anger?
Ans: By getting angry on the causes of anger within me rather than getting angry on the person who is causing it.

26. You pose yourself as a tough guy, but you are too intelligent to be tough. Sensitivity and intelligence follow the same route. And a hard boiled attitude can never traverse deeply into the mystic profundity of human mind.
Ans: My tough guy image is just a fa├žade, a defensive mechanism I created for myself to escape hurt.

P.S: This is a lie and then maybe it is not and maybe it is and so on…

27. I am looking forward for the day this blog gets back to its normal healthy status.
Ans: I am too. I am frankly shocked with most of the inane dribble in here.

28. I felt a stab of revulsion when Rearden tells Dagny that he longed for her sexually from the moment he saw her.
Ans: That’s the time I connected to them the most because sex is the language of love, and love is the need to be near and nearness is craved due to mutual respect.

29. Do you think Ayn Rand created characters like James Taggart, Rearden’s family members etc just to elevate Rearden and Dagny?
Ans: All the characters created by her are just proto types of who we find in society in one form or the other.

30. When can we expect another script co-written by you and Mani Ratnam like Thiruda Thiruda and Gaayam?
Ans: Well, the truth is when we were co-writing he didn’t listen to a single word of mine and I didn’t listen to a single word of his. We just kept our names together just for the heck of it.

31. Do you believe in the words like “God will punish him”?
Ans: These words are only said by people who will never ever have the guts to punish themselves.

32. How different would “Company 2” be from “Ab Tak Chappan”?
Ans: I already mentioned in my write-up that the part of encounter cops will be very little in the film.

33. How can you do so many films at the same time?
Ans: I am not doing them simultaneously. Any idea will take its own time to mature. It’s the process which will be on simultaneously.

34. What is the secret of your energy?
Ans: It’s my rush to do as many films as possible before I die and no, I don’t care about being remembered.

35. “Company 2” might be mistaken for a sequel of “Company” and they might miss “the other side”.
Ans: Care will be taken to correct that perception in the promotional campaign.

36. Instead of “Company 2” I think you should call your film “The Department”.
Ans: Superb idea Suman. I will register this title immediately. Thanx!

37. How can you be so dumb as to say that western film makers are superior? Did you watch south directors like K.Vishwanath, Balachander etc?
Ans: Ok… Mr. Intelligent patriotic regional homeland fanatic. You please submerge yourself in your own well while I will go float around in the ocean of James Cameron, Spielberg, Oliver Stone and Coppola. Bye and happy drowning.