Ram Gopal Varma Blog #161. My Reactions to Reactions

1. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. Do you have limits?
Ans: I am off limits.

2. Are you saying that philosophy is neither wrong nor right?
Ans: I am saying that philosophy can be and should be used to mainly psyche others and sometimes yourself that even your wrong things are also right.

3. Don’t you think the world will be a dangerous place if people don’t believe in religion and run after vodka and sex?
Ans: If that’s how you feel then you should just join osho ashram and you can have all three. I for myself like to live my life dangerously.

4. Your essay on God really impressed my girl friend.
Ans: And I am impressed with your girl friend for the same.

5. Did you read Shakespeare?
Ans: Tried and got bored. I find James Hadley Chase and Fredrick Forsyth far better.

6. You are just a snake without fangs and poison but you pretend to be venomous.
Ans: Ha Ha… I really don’t know if that is meant to be a compliment or not but I must say it’s pretty much true.

7. While making “Rakta Charitra” you should bear in mind Nietzsche’s line “He who fights monsters must take care lest he becomes a monster himself”.
Ans: I am already a monster and I love monsters and hence won’t be fighting monsters.

8. Your opening statement in the article on “Rakta Charitra” is soundly illogical.
Ans: Did you consider the possibility that you could be unsoundly logical?

9. Are you a good human being?
Ans: Ha Ha Ha Ha he he he ho ho ho ho…

10. I see contradictions in you.
Ans: Oh boy! Somebody had woken up here. Ek coffee laana please!

11. Just talk about movies without preambles on philosophy.
Ans: Okey dokey Neo and you too do a favour on me and others here and don’t subject us to your diamondistic preambles on my philosophies and also give yourself some golden thoughts on why you are wasting your time here.

12. RGV = where intelligence meets immaturity
Ans: Most of you = where immaturity rejects intelligence.

13. A Peter Keating cannot do a film like “Rakta Charitra”.
Ans: True Vaishak, but believe me that one needs quite a few of Peter Keatings and Ellsworth Tooheys to make a “Rakta Charitra” or for that matter any other film.

14. Aftermath “SHIVA” you are just a useless director. Bye.
Ans: Bye.

15. I don’t know about the names given by Vaishak, but the names of directors I gave were created by me just for effect.
Ans: Cheers jaani, I loved your answers to Vaishak. I feel like buying you a taxi.

16. Do you read all comments?
Ans: I do but if the first 2 or 3 lines don’t hold me or if I already get the direction in which it’s going I skip them.

(Are Neo and Vaishak reading)

P.S: (1). “I say in one sentence what others say and do not say in whole books” – Friedrich Nietzsche (Ecce Homo)

“I say in one reaction what most of you commentators try to say and cannot say in your lifetimes” – RGV (blog)

P.S: (2). Well, I never said I am not an egocentric son of a bitch.

17. Had Fountainhead not existed on earth, would you have existed the way you are now?
Ans: That’s a pretty amazing observation. I might have but it would have taken a much longer time. It’s like you have to start from inventing the wheel whereas having Fountainhead to read is like in one day of reading you can get the entire lifetime of Ayn Rand’s thinking not to mention the entire lifetimes of the various thinkers Ayn Rand read.

18. Will you want to experience the fear and panic of the people if the world is going to end even at the cost of you yourself perishing?
Ans: I would rather imagine.

19. My greatest fear is that one day you will find blogging boring because of some of its followers and shut shop.
Ans: My fear too.

20. Can you say more about why film is an art? And what does a director exactly do in it?
Ans: To start with a film is nothing but a medium which amalgamates various art forms into a coherent whole through one person’s consciousness which is the director. By this entire process he intends to create an emotional impact on the viewer. The director is also the link between the performing arts such as actors and the primary arts such as music etc.

The various actors and technicians are nothing but a means to an end for the director which only he can visualize. So inspite of him by definition not being a primary artist himself he is channelizing them into a certain very specific direction and that’s why rightfully he is called a director.

To be able to do this, if not a complete understanding of all arts, the least he should possess is a clarity in his head about why he likes or dislikes a certain art form and this in turn would trigger his creativity.

A badly directed film would just make the actors and technicians go through an exhibition of their individual arts with intentions originated by they themselves without the directors intensity singularly backing them towards one specific direction which would understandingly result in a hotchpotch clashing of their individual intentions and will infect the film with a terrible disease called “multiplicity of objectives”.