Ram Gopal Varma Blog #146. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Your blogs are both good and bad. But I must say you do occupy the mind space of several.
Ans: Occupying mind space is what I call creating mental energy whether that energy is positive or negative. Like I always say I have created as much entertainment in people in the enjoyment they had in ripping apart Aag as Ramesh Sippy created in entertaining them in Sholay.

2. In Nishabd I found it unnatural for an 18 year old girl to be like Jiah.
Ans: Just give a serious thought to how many natural people you really meet in the course of your day. The fact that she is like that is what made the story happen in the first place.

3. Aren’t you an inbetweenist?
Ans: No, I am a betweenist.

4. I hate to hate what I hate about you.
Ans: And I love to love what you love about me.

5. Don’t keep throwing your stupid Nietzsche and Ayn Rand at us.
Ans: “This tree stands here lonely on the hills so high has it grown that if it wanted to speak there is no one tall enough to listen”. – Friedrich Nietzsche.

Since you are too small in front of them your inability to understand them is what which causes the negativism in you towards them. But all your negativism put together can’t ever become an axe to fell that tree. At best you can hope to be a termite. Yes, termite can cause destruction (“Of many a proud structure’s ruin weeds and raindrops have been the cause” – Nietzsche). But in the end a termite will remain a termite whereas a tree would have stood firmly and proudly for its life span.

6. I know that the world is a race. But I am not participating in it.
Ans: It was nice knowing you. Bye.

7. Cheers for making the inbetweenist realize that their existence depends upon the creator.
Ans: On the contrary the existence of the inbetweenist depends upon their not realizing that truth because they do not have the capacity of a creator to deprogramme and refill their minds. That’s where their extreme sense of righteousness comes from which is actually a function of their defense mechanism in fear of their minds getting emptied by the creator. So they create a mental block and shut out all intelligence.

8. I get annoyed with your constant posing superior attitude. I think it’s time for you to do some introspection.
Ans: I keep doing that and every time I do that I feel more superior.

9. I don’t get you on your views on inbetweenists. Do you mean to say one should not give opinions?
Ans: Inbetweenists don’t give opinions. They make statements.

10. If everybody starts following Ramuism the world will be one big mental asylum.
Ans: What you do not understand is that I am not asking you to follow something I am saying but I am telling you to understand what you are following.

11. When I am reading your blogs I feel insulted, cheated and my intelligence challenged.
Ans: Just hope to reach a day when you will be just plain bored with my blog so that instead of subjecting your poor deprived brains to so much of negative energy you can just get off the blog and do both yourself and me a favour.

12. Ramu, I am an inbetweenist.
Ans: By definition an inbetweenist would be incapable of realizing that he is an inbetweenist. Having said that all of us at some stage or the other would be going through various stages and degrees of inbetweenism. That’s because inbetweenism is not a genetic disease but it’s an acquired and contagious disease and the disease causing agents are religion, social programming, imbibed moral values etc. But the very fact that you are willing to accept that you are an inbetweenist is good enough medicine to start with to get rid of the disease.

13. Do you think that you are the only achiever and the rest of us or not?
Ans: Who said anything about achieving? I was speaking about doing.

14. What do you think after you finish making a movie?
Ans: Nothing since I am done with it. I live for what I want to do and not in the memory of what I have done. It’s for others to think or not think about the movie I made and if their thought of it interests me I might again think on those particular aspects of the movie.

15. Why are there so many unsuccessful people despite possessing great abilities?
Ans: Great abilities in whose perception is the first question and then a question of how much did your able guy actually push life to take decisions is what which could be an answer to your question. The so-called luck or destiny factor is not anyway in one’s control by its very definition, so there is no point in wasting your time and energy on it.

16. Do you think many of our problems would have reduced if there was no such thing as religion?
Ans: No, they would have increased because religion kind of makes herds of people and in its absence everybody will want to be the shepherd. The fact that majority opt to be a part of the herd gives us shepherds a better shot at living.

17. Why public of India does not realize the value of vote?
Ans: maybe they realize that it has no value.

18. Great political leaders should be like Aung San Su Kyi.
Ans: Is that a dish?

19. Are you theist or an atheist?
Ans: I am neither. For me to believe in God is as stupid as not to believe in God. In both cases their beliefs and comments are on a force which is to say the least incomprehensible. I basically ignore God as he or she or it does not matter in my scheme of things.

20. God is not a fool like you.
Ans: Yes and I suspect that he is not as wise as you either.

21. There is no difference between you and the religious fanatics. You both see the peripheral things about religion.
Ans: Ok Mr.Deep Studier. I got your point but I studied more philosophy from comic books than religious texts but then that could be my peripheral study compared to your deep study.

22. Ramuism is driven by situations, instincts and selfish motives having no basic isms.
Ans: Perfect, except that many times I have a convenient ism to suit a particular motive, instinct and situation and then I just add a dash of vodka and sex to it.

23. Why do we toss a coin to make a decision on what we do?
Ans: Because it saves us the trouble of thinking and making the decision.

24. If you are so arrogant by nature how come you come up with such sensitive films?
Ans: What you call my arrogance, is basically me stating things the way I feel and understand and sensitivity primarily comes from feeling and understanding.

25. Who discovered Bras?
Ans: For sure a guy who loved to see them being taken off.

26. My girl friend says that your intelligence is irresistible. She forces me to read Ayn Rand.
Ans: Ahhhhhhhhhh! Arun! If you are not careful I might steal her from you.

27. Can you differentiate between love, sex and marriage?
Ans: We love for having sex and we enjoy sex when we love and marriage fucks both love and sex.

28. I would love to see your breaking point.
Ans: I only have joining points.

29. Don’t think too much of yourself. No one has the time to care for you.
Ans: On the contrary through my blog I have realized that people like you who don’t care for me care more for me not caring for you and you care for not caring for me which makes you care more for me.
P.S: For all those who pounced on my comments on God I would just like to tell them this that I am God myself.

“You see with your eyes, you hear with the sense of your hearing, you feel with your sense of touch, and all these senses are nothing but functions of your mind which is nothing but a thought which in turn is just an idea… so if you close your eyes and go to sleep the world ceases to exist and when you wake up it comes back in different shapes and forms to every living being on the earth”.
– Arthur Schopenhauer (The World As Will and Idea)

So my world is what I perceive through my senses and I am the God of that world.