Ram Gopal Varma Blog #142. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Do you think Richard Branson thinks like you?
Ans: Don’t know who he is.

2. I think it is either your insecurity or identity crisis which makes you show off.
Ans: Ok Mr.Psychiatrist. Send me your bill.

3. What are the basic abilities that a director should have?
Ans: A passion to make a film and an ability to make a producer to believe in your passion or just to make a film for the fun of it and an ability to con a producer to make him believe that you are serious. I and lots of directors obviously belong to the latter category.

4. I would like to meet you one day.
Ans: If you are a man don’t bother. If you are a woman send me your statistics. And if you are a mind thing, whether you are a man or a woman or a eunuch, tell me something which will intellectually stimulate me enough to want to meet you. If you are none of the above just stick to the blog or even better get off it.

5. Most of the bloggers here keep giving free advises to you.
Ans: That is because for us human beings advises are the only property we have so much of which no matter how many of them we give away we will be still rich.

6. A truly strong person does not need the approval of others any more than a lion needs the approval of sheep. 
Ans: Your point is right but the example is not. A lion does not need the approval and advises of other lions on how to hunt. That’s because all the lions will be different in their individual levels of strength, their capacity to run and how they strategize depending on their study of an individual hunt. So if one lion tells another lion ‘run faster’ or say ‘instead of going from behind that bush go from behind this bush’ the advisor lion is the stupid one.

The only truth of life is that if the lion is not doing it right, it will perish by the diktats of the survival of the fittest mode.

P.S: If I listened to advisors I would have been still running my video library in Hyderabad.

7. What are the 3 words that describe you?
Ans: Genius, dumb and many times in-between.

8. How come you have such a good sense of humour?
Ans: That’s because long time back I realized that life is a laugh.

9. Can you tell me the most difficult situation in your life?
Ans: Situations are never difficult. It is the worry you have about how you have to deal with them which makes it look difficult. I only think and never worry. Thinking creates solutions and if the solution I thought of does not work I think of another solution and the cycle goes on. Most people confuse worrying with thinking. I don’t.

10. I think you are a mad man.
Ans: Instead of thinking I am mad if you start thinking you are mad, you will realize that maybe I am not mad and it might occur to you that it’s you actually who is mad and you just think I am mad, which could result in making you mad and thereby making you finally think I am not mad.

11. Hi Ram, what is your stand on the Media?
Ans: To stand on it.

12. I like it that you inspire people one way or the other?
Ans: I think most of the time I make them perspire.

13. What is the difference between a beautiful woman and a sexy woman?
Ans: I don’t think they can be separated. If she’s not beautiful she can’t be sexy and if she’s sexy she has to be beautiful, that is unless and until you are bench marking the woman against women who have already been labelled as beautiful or sexy by bench marks of others.

14. How to get extreme self confidence like you?
Ans: By just clearly understanding and realizing that you are a ‘nobody’ and can never really achieve anything. Then automatically you will do whatever you feel like doing without fear of consequences and without expectations and this to others will seem like extreme self confidence.

15. Can you write something about time management?
Ans: Many people ask me why I don’t wear a watch and my answer is “I want to run the time and I don’t want time to run me”.

16. Do you ever get angry with people?
Ans: Never. Anger is too valuable an emotion and I don’t like giving it away. I keep it within me and use it to study the psychological aspects of why I am feeling the anger. I have realized that it’s far more worthwhile to study the anger in you and understand what is causing it rather than wasting it on the subject you are angry with.

17. What would you like to be reborn as?
Ans: I, Me, Myself.

18. Whose philosophy do you like between Nietzsche and Schopenhauer?
Ans: They are not sweet dishes to choose from and there’s no such thing as a sum total of either of them. It’s only individual thoughts which when applied in a certain context is what you should absorb into your mind irrespective of whose thoughts they are.

19. I am inspired from Fountainhead and I visualise you as Howard Roark.
Ans: Well… Neither did you understand Fountainhead or Roark, and more importantly you don’t understand me.
The fundamental difference between Roark and me is that he is a man who lives for a very specific purpose and I live for no purpose except to have a ball in life.

Also don’t ever make a mistake of following anyone.

“Just walk with me till you find your own path”. – Friedrich Nietzsche

20. My girl friend says I should take your blog more seriously than my job.
Ans: Well… Please tell her that I am making an exception of her from my rather radical views on the mental faculties of the fairer sex.

21. The only reason anyone would hate you is because they want to be just like you.
Ans: No. They hate me because I am what they want to be and they are scared to be, but I seem to be getting away with it. The only time they have a respite is when I fail. But even before they can finish saying, “I told you so” I am on to my next one again exactly in the same way as I want to be which obviously makes them hate me even more. This repeatedly I have been doing for years and years and their hatred for me keeps increasing more and more like one would hate a snake which refuses to die in spite of being repeatedly beaten on the head. But what they don’t realize is that my life is not in my head but it’s in my thoughts and thoughts can neither be beaten nor stopped nor killed.

22. Ramu, why do you keep answering even fools?
Ans: Just to bring to the notice of smarties like you about how many and what all kinds of fools are out there.

23. What’s your thought on Doomsday 2012?
Ans: Forget 2012. I don’t have time to think about Today. Also I believe that every end is only a new beginning.

24. How do you see religion?
Ans: I don’t believe in God, caste, religion and other such things. My feelings and my thoughts are the beginning and end of everything of me.

25. The full extent of what you wish to say is completed by both your article and the reactions that follow. This I guess is because at school we needed the text books as well as Navneet guides. 
Ans: Superbly realized.

26. I think you are more hype than material.
Ans: I am only hype and hype is the only thing which matters as no one has the time and the brains to understand material, except for a few exalted souls like you. But the problem with exalted souls is that they will be spiritually fucked and never get to fuck materials.

27. Name me one person in the world you genuinely love and care for. 
Ans: None. I only love those who contribute to my happiness and I cease to love them when they don’t. I am the most selfish person I have ever known and I am supremely proud and thrilled about it.

28. When did you become an atheist?
Ans: Somewhere around the age 12. More than what God is or not, I began to understand how dumb devotees are, and hence I became an atheist.

29. There was an old tailor who repaired torn clothes. When he died the labourers from surrounding colony put together money and gave him a decent burial. Which fucking Ayn Rand can explain this humane gesture? 
Ans: I don’t know about Ayn rand but I can. For me the tailor’s importance is related to my torn clothes. Him as a person I am not aware of and hence I can’t relate. Him as a human being is one of the billions of life forms who get born and die every second and hence he does not warrant any special interest from me.

For people like you and those labourers who are getting a kick out of your lofty ideals you are welcome to bury him and your brains together. I get my kick out of vodka and sex and studying species like you and I am also only interested in going to hell as I suspect that heaven would be a pretty boring place as it would be full of people like you, the labourers and the tailor.

30. I stopped reading Ayn Rand as she was influencing me but I am not able to keep away from Ramuism.
Ans: Well… I am a kind of an adulterated version of Ayn Rand. So with me you can get your kicks and your wisdom too. But just be aware that unlike Ayn Rand I could be destructive. But if you could learn to take me in the right doses I can assure you that you will have a super fucking ball in your life.

P.S: For all the negativism I seem to have towards my haters the truth is that it’s not true, but then I never speak the truth as there is no such as truth.

“I love the great despisers for they are the great adorers – arrows of longing for the other shore”. – Friedrich Nietzsche