Ram Gopal Varma Blog #130. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. How can one successfully flop a film?
Ans: Very simple. Just remake Sholay.

2. Can you tell us how you and Mani Ratnam collaborated on Thiruda Thiruda and Gaayam?
Ans: He didn’t like a single thing I suggested and I didn’t like a single thing he suggested. So we just went ahead and did both our films in our own way but put our names on the credits together just for the heck of it.

3. Why do you think people remember only scenes and not the story?
Ans: That has been my experience, Sir, and obviously it’s not yours. So just live in your own world and let me live in mine.

4. Do you remember each and every thing from the books you read and the movies you have seen?
Ans: Only those which make an impression on me.

5. Why say any thing on this blog when you don’t have anything to say at all?
Ans: Instead of giving me this Gyan, why don’t you just get off this blog and go fly a kite?

6. When Ayn Rand says that Roark was standing on a cliff naked, it does not mean that you have to use the same introduction.
Ans: Oh My My! I am humbled with your brilliance. Thank you soooooooo very much for this incredible insight. MMMuuuuuh!

7. Conflict is an essential part of story whereas with men like Howard Roark conflicts don’t exist.
Ans: Brilliantly put.

8. Most of your successful films had a strong story and in your flops this aspect is missing? Why?
Ans: Simply because I am not as brainy as you Mr. Genius.

9. Sarkar 3 shelved! We didn’t even know that you were making it!
Ans: For your info even I didn’t know it till the media told me that. Now they tell me that I shelved it…. Meaning both were there in their own imagination.

10. Why does God produce Humans with same body parts but various minds?
Ans: I wouldn’t be knowing why but it sure is damn Entertaining. The amazing thing for me about Human Beings is that there are Millions and Millions of them and each and every one of them have their own mind and each and every one of those minds is convinced that only it itself knows what is Right and all the other minds are Wrong. That’s from where all the comedy and tragedy and the drama of Life arise from.

11. Don’t you think Citizen Kane is one of the best films in terms of craftsmanship?
Ans: I got pretty bored in that film. I learnt a lot more than that from “CUJO” and umpteen other films from the DVD store.

12. You are a simplified complex equation.
Ans: Actually I think I am a complex simpleton.

13. How come you always give examples pf Hollywood films? Don’t you find it in Indian cinema too?
Ans: Brilliance? Indian cinema? Ha Ha Ha Ha… I can’t stop laaaughing.

14. Idiot, it’s Jessica who sees De Niro. By the time Nick comes Niro is gone.
Ans: Oops. Sorry but the point was not the content, my friend.

15. Is it true that you are acting in a film called “Mujhe Ramuji se Milna Hai”?
Ans: No. They are just using an interview of mine, and I have no idea what that film is about.

16. How many people know Howard Roark, Ayn Rand etc? Why do you keep on writing about them on your blog?
Ans: That’s simply because this space is neither meant for you alone nor for illiterates like you.

17. Do you think it’s even worth the while to make a Naach in the days of Kambhakt Ishq?
Ans: Yes, depending on your intention and your objective. A films is like a conversation and it’s your prerogative to choose who you want to have your conversation with. As long as you can find enough people to sustain the cost at which you make your film you can pretty much go ahead and make whatever you wish to.

18. Why is that a film cannot have a universal appeal like music can have?
Ans: First of all it’s wrong to presume that any one particular musicians work has universal appeal.

In 2 periods of A.R.Rahman in the last 15 years Nadeem Shravan and Himesh Reshammiya’s music sold much more than his.

Also music in its final output pretty much has a singular emotion to carry whereas a film has too many variables for it to appeal to all.

19. I watched Aag again and I didn’t feel it was that bad as what I felt when I watched it first time. Why do you think so?
Ans: Not only for Aag but this is true for everything. When we hate something the first time the hatred keeps growing in our mind and imagination as we keep talking and discussing it with others. And when we see it next suddenly it won’t look so bad because your mind in its imagination could have made it worse than what it would have been.

On the other hand it can work in reverse too as when you like something very much and you rave about it to all for a period of time and then you see it again you might not like it as much for the same reason.

20. What is the best gift you have ever received?
Ans: At a certain very crucial time my father’s permission to pursue my life in which ever way I choose to.

21. Good directors get good scripts written, not merely depend on technical gimmicks like you, and you call yourself a craftsman.
Ans: Okay Dokey.

P.S: The most amazing thing for me is that inspite of my repeated explanations I find so many on this blog so downright imbecile who don’t seem to even understand the fundamental difference between humour and seriousness. I truthfully called myself every derogatory name in the dictionary ranging from a con man to just being plain lucky at various stages of my life on this blog giving valid reasons and yet they have hundreds of conspiracy theories which arise from extraordinarily low understanding levels. And if that’s what they really think of me then I fail to understand why they are still foolish enough to waste time on me and on my blog. Just wanted to say this because I am truly truly amazed at some of you guys out there. But like Ayn Rand said, “They will never be able to hear what they don’t want to hear. So however much you scream it won’t make a difference to them, not because they have deaf ears but because they have dumb ears”.