Ram Gopal Varma Blog #122. My Reactions to Reactions.

I am fundamentally against blotting out any comments as I do not mind any amount of criticism, ridicule, etc. But some of the comments here lately have become so bland, inane, boring and irritating that I am loosing interest in going through all of them so as to reach a few interesting ones. So I am instructing my people to throw out all those barking dogs who do not have an ability to bite.

1.”If the path is beautiful, ask where it leads… but if the destination is beautiful, don’t ask how the path is.”
Ans: Superb.

2. When you were schooling in St.Mary’s, Secunderabad, did you ever peep into the adjacent St.Francis Girls School?
Ans: That’s the only thing I used to do.

3. Can we show internal motivation of characters through camera language?
Ans: That is the purpose of camera language.

4. Can a director stage a scene just with set properties and no characters?
Ans: See “Final Destination”.

5. Why do you still follow old rules in camera language?
Ans: There’s no such thing as old rules and new rules. It’s just your individual choice of how you want to see a specific shot.

6. Would you like to make a film on transfemoral amputees?
Ans: No.

7. Can you write something on time management?
Ans: I love this one dialogue from Anil Kapoor’s “Tezaab”… ‘Waqt rehta nahin, nikaalna padta hai’.

8. Define a genius?
Ans: Me! …………….. Just kidding…………. Then maybe I am not ……. Then maybe I am ….

9. Selvar Mani in Sarkar screams ‘Muruga’ before he dies like Gandhi said, “Hey Ram”.
Ans: That was exactly the brief I gave the actor who played Selvar Mani.

10. How come all your villains follow Gandhi?
Ans: It’s not because I am against Gandhism, but it’s because many bad men usually operate from the shelter of either God or someone like Gandhi.

11. What is the best book of Fredrick Forsyth?
Ans: It’s a toss between “The Day of the Jackal” and the “The Devil’s Alternative”.

 12. What is the difference between a dictator and a director?
Ans: A dictator orders and a director guides. Having said that Most directors I know want to play the director rather than direct the players.

13. You fuck films because you want to be in control, you make love to a woman because you want to make her happy too and you have sex in this blog because you don’t have any feelings and hence zero consequences. Am I right?
Ans: Bang on.

14. “The sound Dwarak has achieved is beyond my imagination”. This sentence has no worth if Agyaat does not become a success.
Ans: If AGYAAT fails the responsibility will be solely on me as Dwarak and others worked towards my vision and my briefing. So he or anybody is not a party to my decisions of how I am making Agyaat or any other film in totality. So irrespective of AGYAAT’s success, Dwarak’s sound is already a super success for me.

15. Hi Ramu, you are still sounding the same guy I knew in college.
Ans: Hi Paripurna, yes, except that I got worse. How you been?