Ram Gopal Varma Blog #120. My Reactions to Reactions.

1.What you don’t know is that a wife and husband also do have sex for giving birth to a beautiful child which is an acknowledgement for their love from God.
Ans: Okay dokie.

2. I truly admire the guts of that lady who broke up with you.
Ans: That’s not guts. That’s being smart.

3. Fuck you and fuck your limited brains.
Ans: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!……… (In case you didn’t realize that’s me having an orgasm)

4. If somebody feels happy in wanting to do something why not let them?
Ans: That’s precisely the point I was making. Life should be lived for wanting to and not for having to.

5. If someone gave you vodka, sex and also produce your film on a condition that you have to celebrate your birthday, will you?
Ans : Of course yes. I will celebrate even his birthday.

6. When we are born we are all like small piglets… naked and crying. When we die we are all different… Gandhi, Hitler, Einstein, you, me etc.
Ans: Excellently said, Keshav. You are the only guy who got the point of that article.

“I looked back and a ray of sunshine fell across my life. Not in vain did I bury my four and fortieth year”. – Friedrich Nietzsche (Ecce Homo)

7. I am glad she slapped you.
Ans: Well, I have been punched, kicked and almost been killed by so many others for so many other things I said. Unfortunately for many of you out there, I didn’t die.

8. You are a very strange man to talk like that to a woman.
Ans: Hello, did I ever claim to be normal?

9. Can you tell us the three biggest mistakes you made w.r.t your films?
Ans: Shiva, Satya and Rangeela because they have created a benchmark and all the time I get bashed up for not living up to them. Boo hoo hoo!

10. Do you prefer Ramu, Ramgopal Varma or RGV?
Ans : Ramu. That’s because a name like that can create a psychological effect in people not to take me too seriously and I can get away with quite a lot of my kiddish stuff.

11. My 2 cents worth. I think Agyaat is just a filler film before your next big one.
Ans: Your estimation of your worth is bang on.

12. Your funda on the father going to a prostitute was over the top and childish.
Ans: Arrey Bhagwan. That was just an example I gave to emphasize on the point of how little control we have on how we come into existence.

13. I think you would rather be hated than being ignored.
Ans: Yes. Actually I love being hated and hate being loved because hate keeps me alert and love makes me complacent.

14. I have been a supporter of both your good and bad films.
Ans: I hate charity.

15. I am startled with your arrogance and your incorrect grammar.
Ans: And I am startled with you missing the thought and concentrating on the grammar. Grow up and realize that in the age of text messages grammar belongs to the dinosaurs.

16. Sometimes I feel that you drew just one circle and you are living in that only.
Ans: Actually I live on curves. (pun intended)

17. Where did you hear the word megalomaniacal first?
Ans: Someone called me that at school.

18. If Ramu were to be a woman will he sleep with Ramu the man?
Ans: I surely would have better taste than that.

19. Who is your first girl friend?
Ans: I only had lovers.

20. How can one get rid of fear completely?
Ans: By not taking anything seriously especially yourself.

21. Your eyes are more sexier than your viewpoints.
Ans: My eyes come through my viewpoints.

22. How would you decide on the pace of a movie?
Ans: On the basis of at what pace I myself would like to see it.

23. How would you describe yourself?
Ans: I am like a hardcore porn dvd. You might hate it, love it, look down upon it or get disgusted by it but if it is in the room you can’t resist watching it.

Apart from this I am also quite a nice guy though no one agrees with me on this.

24. You talk of Ayn Rand and Nietzsche and actually you don’t understand their ideas.
Ans: Hello, Rand and Nietzsche are just two among hundreds where I pick up my thoughts from. A substantial amount of my philosophical growth came from Mad magazine. I learn from James Hadley Chase and unlearn from Jean Paul Sartre and make a living out of reading Fredrick Forsyth. After all the reading I do, I pick up what suits my convenience and twist and turn them and apply them to the way I choose to live my life and discard the rest. That too keeps constantly changing subject to my state of mind and my state of being and lots of times also due to my moods. I am neither into understanding Ayn rand’s objectivism nor Nietzsche’s nihilism. I take them merely as knowledge to practically apply in a thought process. They and others are just ingredients I use and I myself prepare the dish to eat it myself and I serve it to whoever is smart enough or foolish enough to want it.

Knowledge should be like the steps of a ladder. As soon as you climb one you should go that much more higher. You should not make the mistake of carrying what should carry you.

“The pursuit of truth is not important. The pursuit of that truth is important which helps you in reaching your goal that is provided you have one.” – Ayn Rand (The Romantic Manifesto)

Like in some context someone here on this blog used the word “Ramuism”, that’s pretty much what I am into as that reads as “individualism” to me, or to be moré particular Ramu’s individualism which again can be called as “Ramuism”.