Ram Gopal Varma Blog #103. My Reactions to Reactions

1. Since when have you become patriotic and so concerned about the Nation’s people?
Ans: Hello! The piece I have written was in the context of the film I am making and with reference to a certain character’s thinking in it and I wanted to give an explanation regarding the same to be clear about the intent behind it. I personally don’t believe in anything except my own beliefs which keep changing all the time depending on my mood and the situation I am in. If I am telling the viewpoint of a gangster in a film I am making that does not mean I myself think like a gangster.

2. There are very few sane people out there.
Ans: Ahhhhh! You are telling me! All you need to do is to go through the comments section on my blog and you will see how many!

3. Try to clean your body of toxins like liquor and women and eat simple food.
Ans: Ok Doc, and I suggest that you clean your holier than thou attitude with a bar of dettol.

4. Don’t you have dirt within yourself?
Ans: I am full of it and I love it.

5. I would say you are not even a kid… you are an animal.
Ans: Ooooh! I am so proud of the dawn of your wisdom. I believe that an animal is the purest form of a living being and I thank you so very much for the compliment.

6. How can you start RAKTA CHARITRA and still be firmly focused on RANN and AGYAAT?
Ans: Eashwar, Allah and Jesus have been kind enough to give me a mind which can multi-task at an unimaginable rate. Only me and Satan battle with those Godly forces and manage to screw up most of those tasks.

7. It was first RANN, then INDIA 24/7 and then again RANN. Why change the title so frequently? 
Ans: My wish.

8. I have lost all respect for you and Big B.
Ans: Ha Ha.

9. Do you trust in love?
Ans: Yes, but love does not trust in me.

10. You have two contrasting characters Ram and Krishna in your name.
Ans: I guess that explains my confused screwed up state of mind. Hey guys (all my haters), how about blaming it on those Gods and leave me alone.

11. I am with you Ramu.
Ans: I don’t need anybody to be with me Jai. You keep yourself with yourself where you will do most good to yourself.

12. What would have been your reaction if Jana Gana was made by someone else?
Ans: I would have been extremely jealous that I didn’t get the Idea first.

13. Don’t you have any conscience?
Ans: No.

14. I think you lost your sensibility on love and emotions.
Ans: Ya, that’s because I graduated to sex and intelligence.

15. Could truth be told in RANN as effectively as it was written by Ayn Rand?
Ans: Terribly.

16. “Truth can be terrible” would have been better than “Truth is terrible”.
Ans: “Truth is terrible” sounds like a strong statement and the line “Truth can be terrible” albeit more truthful is known to everyone which will make it sound preachy. A strong statement startles people for a moment before they burst out with their venom or praise. I don’t believe in gentle head-nods and gentle head-shakes as then I can’t pounce on them with my loud background music.