Ram Gopal Varma Blog #83. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. How come so many neurotic and psychotic retards visit your blog?
Ans: Haven’t you heard that birds of the same feather flock together?

2. For a change why don’t you ask questions and we will answer?
Ans: Good idea but I don’t have any questions as I know all the answers.

3. Your thoughts on before and after life?
Ans: I am too busy thinking about this moment.

4. I feel you should remake Aag.
Ans: I feel too.

5. Why are some so fond of awards?
Ans: They cannot feel their identity without an outside endorsement.

6. I wish you will make a million movies.
Ans: I am targeting 200.

7. When you can portray fear and violence so well, why not romance and love?
Ans: Saw Rangeela?

8. Agyaat will be unknown and Rann will bring you light.
Ans: OK Mr.Astrologer or God or whatever other species you might be.

9. Does only the creator has the right to destroy?
Ans: Anyone can destroy as long as he has the power to do so and face the consequences.

10. I had the impression that you don’t care about the audience.
Ans: I did not say I don’t care. I said that I cannot care about the audience as they are particular individuals who cannot be generalized.

11. How do you distinguish a good/bad film?
Ans: There is no such thing as a good/bad film. There is only a film which you as an individual will find good/bad.

12. How did you get the idea in Bhoot of Urmila not able to move and talk?
Ans: My Grandma told me of an instance like that when I was a kid.

13. Yesterday my dad flung a dvd of Aag at me.
Ans: I hope the dvd didn’t get hurt.

14. Why is the character of Rajesh Joshi left unanswered in Satya?
Ans: He died in the making.

15. If RGV was not a director he would be?
Ans: A dreamer and a looser in whatever he does.

16. How did you shoot the Ganesh nissarjjan scene of Bhau being killed in Satya?
Ans: I sent 3 cameramen to capture various shots of the actual events at Chowpatty and in one shot where the camera zooms into one particular Ganesha from an extremely wide shot that was recreated at Juhu beach and shot with 500 junior artistes and edited in a way to create an illusion as if there were thousands. I did that trick earlier too in my telugu film “Gaayam”.

17. You are an atheist and you make films on blackmagic?
Ans: If I make an underworld film am I a gangster?