Ram Gopal Varma Blog #81. My Reactions to Reactions.

1. Take a bath, rinse and get rid of old thoughts.
Ans: Ok mom.

2. Will people idolize and follow anyone who becomes successful?
Ans: Yes as most people are concerned about who is saying rather than what is being said.

3. Did you take the line “I would rather die than not live life the way I want to” from Mario Puzo’s “Omerta”?
Ans” No, as I didn’t read that book. Ever since I can remember I practiced that thought and I presume that’s what all highly individualistic people do.

4. I thought after every movie of yours irrespective of its success or failure you become a better person.
Ans: Better… I don’t know, but definitely a changed person.

5. I can understand a newly married guy looking happy but when a 10year married man looks happy, could an affair be a reason?
Ans: Either that or he could have lost his marbles.

6. For all your views on women I noticed that even your baddies are kind of harmless to women as in they never assault them.
Ans: I am highly sentimental about women and hate to see or hear about them getting hurt.

7. Which political party do you support and why?
Ans:  Never voted in my life nor do I intend to.

8. What does P stand for in P.Ramgopal Varma?
Ans: My surname Penumatsa.

9. Some stories are great to hear but they might be boring to see as a film.
Ans: Only if the Director fails to capture the essence of what you liked in hearing it.

10. How do you define intelligence?
Ans: Once I was talking to an actress who was heavily into spiritualism, animal welfare etc, and she made a comment that whales are the most intelligent beings in the world which has apparently something to do with their brain size. I told her that I don’t know the technicalities but for me knowledge is an accumulation of facts, intelligence is an ability to understand and analyze the knowledge, and genius is to be able to apply and create.

For instance, if you are asked why droplets are formed outside a glass when ice cold water is poured into it, you will say that it is due to condensation of water vapour which is present in the atmosphere.

But to understand and analyze that you need to have the knowledge that atmosphere contains water vapour and it condenses at lower temperatures and then you need a genius to apply this principle and invent a refrigerator or an air-conditioner.

More simplistically if you say 2+3=5, you need to know the individual values of 2 and 3 and also 5 to come up with the answer.

So I told her that this was my understanding and asked her if she would explain how whales have the best brains. She snapped back and said that she read it in the “Time” magazine and asked me to shut up and not to think I am some kind of a know-all. She was beautiful and sexy enough for me to pay heed and I did just that. I shut up and she gave me a Ahhhhh great time thereby proving that more than knowledge, intelligence and genius it is ignorance which is bliss.

11. How did you conceive the scene in Shiva  when Amala gets up in the theatre and walks into the screen?
Ans: I copied it from a very old Janet Jackson music video called “Control”.

12. Can you write a piece on how you became a director?
Ans: I already did on this blog somewhere. If interested make an effort to search.

13. In Ayn Rand’s philosophy there is a lot of “should”. Should destructs freedom and makes individualism impossible. 
Ans: That is a brilliant observation.

14. Mutating imagination is a virtue only as long as the shoot does not start. It can become a vice once shooting begins. 
Ans: You couldn’t have put it more correctly. Most of my flops are a victim of this disease you mentioned. To make an observation like this you will have to be a director or working closely with a director who made flops. If I am wrong on this count take it from me that there is a highly evolved directorial understanding in you and I mean this from my heart.

15. Which of your films are bad according to you?
Ans: All and none.